Alaminos, Pangasinan: A Cute Little Town Worth Visiting

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Spectacularly serene. That’s my way of describing the awesome landscape of Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

If you have never seen Hundred Islands, then you are missing a lot. This peaceful town of Pangasinan has a lot to offer. Aside from the Hundred Islands, the people in this town are genuinely nice and welcoming.

The Sincerity Of The Pangasinense

The first thing that struck me about the Pangasinense is that they’re not a smiley bunch. Unlike if you go to the other places in the country where you get a lot of smiles on the streets.

Hence, a Pangasinense may look serious, if not, a little aloof on the outside. But wait till you get to talk to them.

I didn’t feel the warmth of the folks up until I interacted with them. You really have to talk to them first to experience their warmth. But when you start talking to them, you just feel their sincerity. They’re very direct people.

They look at you straight into your eyes and listen. They don’t just smile and pretend they’re listening. They really listen. I guess that’s why they provide great service to their visitors.

According to this post, the Pangasinense is industrious, thrifty, and very hard working. The Pangasinense is also known to have a good sense of judgement for the future. You can feel all that as you interact with them.

Where To Stay

There are a lot of places where you can spend the night. There are transient homes and small hotels along the road all pretty much owned by the industrious Pangasinense. Interestingly, there are also inspiring stories behind the quaint, little transient homes.

For example, Helen’s Transient House is a family-owned business. Behind this family-owned business is one hardworking single mom who saw the need for transient homes to cater to the flourishing tourism in the area.

Helen’s Transient House is your home away from home. You not only get to rent a simple, single room but a huge living space as well that consists of a large dining and a receiving area. You can choose to rent the first or the second level.

Helen’s Transient House 2nd Level
Helen’s Transient House 2nd Level

Another great place to stay is a small resort hotel called Vista De Las Islas. Just like Helen’s Transient House, Vistas De Las Islas is not too far from the jump off of Hundred Islands.

The personalized customer service you get from Vistas De Las Islas is just amazing. Linda, the lady at the front desk is genuinely accommodating. I can only say the same thing about everybody else in this resort hotel.

Vistas De Las Islas has a rooftop where you can enjoy the view of the Hundred Islands. It’s a breathtaking view where you can see all the clear shades of blue.

Vista De Las Islas

Where To Eat
Alaminos is still pretty much a quaint little town. But it is quite charming, I must say. There aren’t a lot of restaurants. However,  the few restaurants that you will find along the road are definitely worth trying out.

The Maxine By The Sea is a restaurant and lodge. You can enjoy outdoor dining while appreciating the view of the Hundred Islands. Again, the customer service here is truly amazing. I find that Pangasinense folks are not just warm but pretty sharp as well. They serve not just with a warm and genuine smile but with some wit and intelligence as well.

The view from Maxine By The Sea

Another restaurant worth mentioning is Island’s Prime Steakhouse. One wouldn’t really expect a steakhouse along the road but there is one and it’s worth trying out.

We ordered one steak dish, which was pretty good. The meat was pretty tender, the price was pretty good, the taste was quite impressive, and the serving was just right. The other dish we ordered was fish and chips and we were quite happy with it as well.

Fish N Chips From Island’s Prime Steakhouse

It was a good thing that we thought of trying out their leche flan because it turned out to be the creamiest one we had ever tasted. We ordered a couple of more leche flan to take back to Manila.  Of course, the trip to Alaminos wouldn’t be complete without a couple of packages of their special longanisa. Yummy! You can get their special longanisa in their public market.

The Smooth Road To Alaminos, Pangasinan
I simply couldn’t believe the smooth road to Alaminos. The road developments have made it a lot easier and more comfortable for a long drive. I am not exaggerating but up to the time we reached Alaminos, the long drive was smooth sailing. It’s pretty easy to just get into a car and drive to Alaminos these days.

Alaminos, Pangasinan is worth visiting. It’s easy to drive there and there are great places where you can stay and experience the uniqueness of this quaint, little town.

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