Curation Policy

We, here at, aim to provide quality content and that’s one of the reasons why we curate content from reliable websites.
The internet was built on the foundation of recommending good content through sharing and linking. This is where curation comes in. The practice of curation means researching reliable data from well-written materials for our visitors.
When we choose to curate your content, it means it has our approval. At the same time, we are recommending your content to our readers. This way, they can go to your website and visit it.
If you would like us to not curate content from your website , simply contact us, and request your story be taken down.
We will quickly respond to your request and put you on our list of websites never to excerpt from.
Curated content means additional exposure. Most content creators feel happy and thrilled if their work has been noticed through curation. In return, they get a larger readership and exposure through our curated content.

Curation Policy:

Stories and articles that have been commented on, quoted, and discussed and debated online have a lot of value and credibility. Online publishers know and appreciate it when their content is recognized or linked to. They gain more readers and visitors to their website.
Social sharing of amazing content extends its reach, impact, site visitor levels, and subsequently the profit of the first publisher’s website.
We are excerpting your content to inform our visitors about your website as its source.
We would like our readers to learn about your website and eventually visit it.

Let Us Know

The various legal decisions, practices, and standards for “Fair Use” online are still evolving. For our part, we would like to think that our standards are within legal parameters. At the same time, you would be elated that we curated your content.
Now, if you don’t want us to curate your content, just let us know immediately to resolve the situation immediately.
If you also feel that we over-curated your content, let us know immediately as well.
On the other hand, if you enjoyed our content and would like to curate it; go right ahead.
Our contact form is available for you to send us a message right away.