JAAM Seafood: The One Reason Why You Should Go To Farmers Market

It’s fun to go to wet markets. 😁 You can find a lot of great bargains. There’s no shortage of wet markets in our area. However, there is a good reason why I go to the Farmers Market in Cubao. That reason is JAAM Seafood Trading.

This stall is getting a lot of attention from various websites such as Phonebooky.com and Esquiremag.ph. So, when I came across these websites, I just couldn’t resist. I just had to check out JAAM Seafood Trading at Farmers Market and guess what? I didn’t get disappointed at all. 👍 ❤️

This is a tray of salmon sashimi that you can get for just 320 pesos. You definitely get more than just six slices of salmon. It’s a pretty good price for a generous amount of salmon sashimi.

Not Your Typical Wet Market

Farmers Market is not your typical wet market. Unlike the other wet markets that get pretty quiet by the end of the day, Farmers Market is bustling with activities all day long. You can get just about anything there.

If you want to satisfy your salmon sashimi craving, Farmers Market is the place.

Just look for the stall named JAAM Seafood Trading. It’s not hard to find this stall. If you enter Farmers Market through the fruits and vegetable area, JAAM Seafood Trading is going to be on your left side.  Usually, there’s a long line of folks waiting but the JAAM service crew is pretty efficient. They will entertain everybody, making sure everyone gets their orders.

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    I tried going there after reading your article. OMG… the line was so long. The girl told me that I could order online as well. I will do that next time.


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