Tokneneng, Kwek-Kwek, Fishballs, and Squid Balls! Who Can Resist?

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Let’s get serious here. When it comes to merienda time, you need some badass snacks. Nothing beats the classic Tokneneng, Kwek Kwek, fishballs, and squid balls! I can eat those anytime. No one can stop me from devouring those classic Pinoy treats.

Where To Get Them

Where to get them aside from the streets? Well, I get my daily dose from Soldier’s Mall inside Camp Aguinaldo.

Soldier’s Mall is a cozy little place inside the said camp. There’s a lot of home-cooked food to choose from. Since it was my first time, I just couldn’t resist the first stall that offered the best merienda treats for me.

As you enter Soldier’s Mall, you’re going to get side swept to the aroma and sight of fishballs and company. They have all sorts of balls there. 🙂  From tokneneng, kwek-kwek, squid balls, kikiam (this isn’t exactly a ball but you get what I mean), and the ever-reliable fishballs.

Everybody Loves Tokneneng 

You won’t miss the stall that sells tokneneng, kwek kwek, and other yummy street food. There usually is a long line of folks in uniform desperately trying to get their share of treats. Who can blame them? I couldn’t because I lined up myself. When there’s a line, there’s good food. There definitely was.

Take note. You have to drop by early because their tokneneng is usually the first to go. The second to go is their kwek-kwek.So, be there before 3 in the afternoon.


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Best Paired With Lemonade

Of course, you need some drinks to match the fish balls and company. A few steps away from the fishball stall is another stall called Hungry Shack. You can buy a glass of lemonade Yakult drink. It’s very refreshing.

It’s a must to drop by here.
Super refreshing! Goes well with fishballs, squid balls, and all the other balls!

What do you eat for merienda?



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