Vigan Longganisa: Savor The Flavor

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Here’s another delectable find from our newest food reporter, Chloe. If you’re a longganisa lover, you’re going to love this. 😀

Vigan Longganisa with garlic fried rice and poqui poqui on the side.
A typical hotel breakfast, which is a great example of how Illocanos traditionally eat Vigan longganissa in the morning.

What Makes Vigan Longganisa Unique?

Don’t compare Vigan longganisa to the ordinary sausages you see in your day-to-day supermarket since this is in a league of its own.

Its shape is unlike any other, both small and round. The perfect size to put in your mouth immediately and welcome all the warm and juicy flavors in one bite.

Its flavor is garlicky and savory. Making it the perfect breakfast treat to wake up to, most especially when paired with warm garlic rice and a fried egg.

Its flavor is garlicky and savory. Making it the perfect breakfast treat to wake up to, most especially when paired with warm garlic rice and a fried egg.

What Is The Taste Of Vigan Longganisa?

Garlicky, savory, and juicy. Even if you don’t like sausages (like me) you will for sure love Vigan longganisa, especially if it’s prepared the traditional Ilocano way.

The traditional way is serving it with poqui-poqui (mashed eggplant, with scrambled egg, tomatoes, onions, and salt), Ilocano style vinegar, garlic rice, and a sunny side up fried egg.

FYI, poqui-poqui is also a very popular dish in Hawaii.😃

Once you combine Vigan Longganisa and poqui poqui, you have a symphony of flavors in your mouth. That will make you wake up excited every morning just to have a taste of this delectable breakfast tandem.🥰

What Is Vigan Longganisa Made Of?

Traditionally it’s made of ground pork, soy sauce, and tons and tons of garlic. Note to vegans: Please don’t confuse Vigan longganissa for being vegan or vegetarian.

I can assure you that it’s not because of its ingredients. 😁

If you would like to know more about the history of Vigan Longganisa, you can visit

A Local’s Opinion

Irma’s Longanissa is a local longganisa manufacturer in Vigan. They make all their products by hand, which is the traditional way of doing it. 😃

Irma's Longanisa
Highly recommended.

Vigan longganisa is unique not only because of its flavor but because of the love put into making it. Here in Vigan city, the majority of the manufacturers make longganisa by hand.

Vigan longganisa is unique not only because of its flavor but because of all the love that’s put into making it.

Here in Vigan City, the majority of the manufacturers make longganisa by hand.

Handmade Vigan Longganisa air-dried.
These local sausages are then hanged and air-dried.

It’s rare to find manufacturers who make it by machine. Not only that but the popularity and demand for Vigan longganisa have helped the people of Vigan thrive.

Hence, Vigan longganisa has a special place in every Illocano’s heart.  You can check out Irma’s Longanisa’s products below.

Bagnet in a serving dish
The phenomenal Ilocos bagnet. It’s always freshly cooked.
Irma's Longanisa
When in Vigan, look for Irma’s Longanisa.

My Opinion

In my opinion, Vigan longganisa is something worth trying out. Especially if you try it in the city itself, since the way they prepare it, is just spectacular.

Even after eating Vigan longganisa every morning for breakfast (with garlic rice, a fried egg, and poqui poqui) at my hotel for 5 days straight, I never got tired of it.

What Other Types Of Longanissas Are Out there?

Other than Vigan longganisa other regions of the Philippines make their own unique style of longganisa using native and local ingredients.

However when choosing which to buy or to try, keep in mind that there are 2 major types of longganisa. The first one is called “de recado.” This particular type of longganisa has a salty and savory flavor.

Second is called ” jamonado.” This particular type of longganisa is on the sweet side. ❤️

Below are the varieties of longganisa that you can find in other regions.

1. Lucban Longganisa. This is shaped like your traditional jumbo sausage, but in no way does it taste the same. The Mediterranean spices included in the longganisa it has a unique salty and sour taste.

2. Chorizo de Cebu. This is shaped almost like grapes on a vine. However, not only does it have a unique shape it also has a unique taste. It provides a combination of the flavor profiles of de recado and jamonado. Hence, it’s both sweet and salty.

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3. Alaminos Longganisa. This is the most oddly shaped one out of all the longganisa variants because it’s not round nor oval but it’s square. Yet unlike its odd shape, its flavor is very familiar. It’s subtly salty and savory at the same time. 😁

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Needless to say, the longganisa offered in each region is worth a try. That said, if you find yourself in Vigan, go and give their longganisa a try. It’s more than worth it! You’re going to love it! You’re going to miss it as well! 🥰

How To Contact Them

Irma’s Longanisa

Cell Phone: 0916-926-2855

Irma’s Longanisa offers freshly made longganisa that have been hand-mixed and air-dried.

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through 🥰

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  1. I love Vigan longganisa for its garlic and spices flavor. It was introduced to me by my in-laws with Ilocano decent and has enjoyed it every since. The best is when you spread the orangey oil that emits from the longganisa after cooking over fried rice. Yummy!

    Good job to the young author who obviously ihas a delectable taste buds and a future gourmet.

  2. Marianne Joseph Garcia · Edit

    Sounds mouth watering!! thank you for sharing your local delicacy. This article was very comprehensive. I would love to know more of the food you are proud to share here.

  3. This is nice! Thank you for sharing, Chloe. Cravings for comfort food is always the best meal ever! I love matching this sausage made from Vigan with my favorite fried rice, fried eggs and vinegar dipping sauce with chili peppers. Yum yum yum!

  4. Such an interesting and knowledgeable topic most especially it’s about food. I tried all the type of longganisa from different region except this one ( vigan longganisa). I guess i have to go to a filipino market to get and try it. From now on, i have to follow you cause I’m also a foodie like you. Cannot wait to read and see pictures of the food that you will feature. Good jog Chloe. Till we meet again.

  5. I have not tasted Vigan longganisa but Chloe did a pretty awesome article about it that it makes me really want to have some! One thing I can say though is that Chloe can write well. She can have a very promising career in journalism or whatever she wants to be! Goodluck Chloe!


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