Advertise With Us: Here’s Why. Here’s How.

EatMyBananas or EMB is all about food. We feature various food businesses for moms to have lots of options.

Here’s Why You Should Advertise With Us

• More Eyes On Your Product. EMB gets about 1,000 visitors a day, 74% of whom are on mobile and 26% on desktop. This means that more moms-on-the-go will get to see your product.

Your Audience Is Targeted. You’ll have a target audience and that’s the titas of Manila! 😀 These titas of Manila have a wide network of friends, who, like them have the power to say, “We’ll buy that!”

Advertise with us and you’re guaranteed an audience that’s always hunting for food.

It’s As If You Have Your Own Website. We will work together to promote your products. You will have quality feature articles written for you. You will have a dedicated link that will showcase all your feature articles.

EMB Is All About You! You’re the star here on EMB! Ikaw and bida! O diba? 🤩 This website is not a personal blog of one person. Once you have your own dedicated link, the spotlight is yours.

You Can Concentrate On Your Business. The more feature articles you have here on EMB, the more chances of people finding you. They will get to know you more. While you’re concentrating on your business, more folks are getting to know you. 🙂

Your Online Presence Is Guaranteed. We understand that you take pride in your social media accounts. What if something happens to your social media accounts? In case something happens to them, you don’t lose your online presence.

Our Rates Are Very Flexible. We offer flexible rates that won’t hurt your budget. 🙂

Our Advertising Options For One Month

1 Ad Banner on Home Page + 1 Feature Article 
• You can choose between Prime Ad Location or Bottom Ad Location.
• You can also choose both locations. That way, you’ll have 2 ad banners on the Homepage and 2 feature articles.
• Get a discount when you place your ads on both locations on the Homepage.😊

1 Ad Banner on Article + 1 Feature Article 
• You can choose to place your ad banner before content, middle content, or end of the content.
• You can choose more than one location for your ad banner. If you choose to place your ad banners before and middle content, you get 2 feature articles. If you choose to place your ad banners on all three locations, you get 3 feature articles.
• Get a discount when you place your ad banners in the three locations.😊

All ad options come with a feature article that’s linked to your ad. So that when the reader clicks on your ad, he or she will be taken to your feature article to learn more about you.

What We Will Need From You

• Best yummy-looking photo of what you want to show. 😀
• Business name
• Logo
• Telephone number
Don’t know how to put an ad together, no problem. We can do that for you as well. 😀

Here’s How Your Ad Is Going To Look Like

Sample One

Sample Two 

How To Get Started

Email us at and let’s talk about it.