Geno’s Ice Cream: Simply Unforgettable

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Two scoops of Geno's gabi ice cream in a bowl.
Geno’s Ice Cream is a must-try. 🥰😋👍

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Here’s Our First Encounter With Geno’s Ice Cream

I first tasted Geno’s Gabi Ice Cream 5 years ago (2015) when we went to Subic with family friends.

We ate dinner at the House of Kare-Kare, which by the way served the tastiest kare-kare and crispy yet tender crispy pata during that time.

We were all tired from our day trip at the Subic Safari so you could imagine how famished we were.

It was summertime and the weather is expectedly hot and humid.

So after filling our tummies with our meals and upon the urging of our children, we decided to have ice cream for dessert.

The owner of the restaurant recommended the gabi ice cream.

Two scoops of Geno's gabi ice cream up close.
This ice cream from Geno’s ice cream is gabi flavored. Sounds interesting!

At first, it sounded really odd as we know gabi as a vegetable being cooked in sinigang.

But, he convinced us that it was really good and that their regular customers would never leave the resto without having it for dessert so we gladly gave in and decided to try it out.


The ice cream didn’t look fancy at all…

It was just plain white but the taste was awesome…really rich! 😋

It wasn’t too sweet. Instead, it was super creamy and refreshing!

The ice cream didn’t look fancy at all…

It was just plain white but the taste was awesome…really rich! 😋

It wasn’t too sweet. Instead, it was super creamy and refreshing!

There were plenty of gabi bits that you can taste in every scoop. We ended up having second and third rounds after and asked the owner where he gets the ice cream. He was gracious enough to share with us where to get Geno’s gabi ice cream.

Since then, we would grab every opportunity to order this delicious ice cream from friends who would go to Bataan.

The Demand For Gabi Ice Cream …

Geno's Ice Cream logo with address and telephone number.
You need to try Geno’s Ice Cream 👍👍👍

Geno’s ice cream brand became very popular and resellers began posting in their FB and IG accounts selling the gabi ice cream and Geno’s other bestsellers like Ube Keso, Plain Keso, Ube Macapuno, Chocolate Keso, Mais Keso, Buko Pandan Keso, Buko Salad Keso, Cookies and Cream, and Halo-Halo.

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I am a loyalist to their Gabi ice cream though and this is the only flavor I would never get tired of eating. During our yearly Christmas Party with my hermosas, we would have Geno’s ice cream for dessert and pair with the famous inutak from Pateros. Ooooh…it tasted sooo good.

A tub of Geno's gabi ice cream with an ice cream scopper on top.
Super yummy Gabi Ice Cream from Geno’s Ice Cream

What Makes Geno’s Ice Cream So Special?

Aside from its amazing flavors, Geno’s ice cream does not use artificial flavors and ingredients as well as preservatives.

They only use natural ingredients to produce their traditional ice cream that is rich in taste and naturally refreshing.

Delivery Is Now Available Here In Metro Manila

During this lockdown, I was overjoyed to find out that they can deliver my favorite gabi ice cream in the house.

I immediately ordered a tub and had it delivered on the first available delivery date.

They still used the same styrobox filled with ice and rock salt.

The ice cream was stored in a plain white square plastic gallon. My ice cream was sourced from Bataan and delivered straight to my house. It was still frozen and the ice with rock salt did not even melt.

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How To Contact Them

Geno’s Ice Cream

Cell Phone: 0906-511-4522

Geno’s Ice Cream is one of the well-known food products of Bataan. It offers unique flavors the whole family will love and never forget.

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through 🥰

It’s always nice to know that some things do not change and despite the latest technology…people still opt to make their products the traditional way…only the freshest and natural farm ingredients for the creamiest and great tasting ice cream.

You can do more than just share this post. Consider supporting this local food business the next time you want to satisfy a craving. 🤗

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