EMB’s List Of Dessert Suppliers To Celebrate National Dessert Day

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Today is National Dessert Day … in the United States. Who says we can’t celebrate it here in the Philippines as well?

We, Filipinos, love desserts. A meal is never complete without some kind of dessert. So, why not celebrate the yumminess of all the sweet treats in one day

We, Filipinos, love desserts. A meal is never complete without some kind of dessert. So, why not celebrate the yumminess of all the sweet treats in one day?

Let’s forget the calories and enjoy the day. October 14 is National Dessert Day. Take a good look at the list we have for you below. We came up with a list of dessert suppliers that you can call on to celebrate the day.

1. Kaye Garcia’s Basque Burnt Cheesecake. Click here to learn more about it

Kaye Garcia’s Basque Burnt Cheesecake is very popular.

2.Mom’s By Margarita offers some sweet treats like cookies, pastillas, and cheesecake. Learn more about Mom’s here.

3. If you still want to watch the calories while indulging in some desserts, then check out Monica’s keto treats here.

Monica’s Ube Flan Cake is a must-try.

4. La Cocina is also a good option for you. Try out their cheesecakes. Click here to learn more about La Cocina.

La Cocina’s Oreo Cheesecake is a good option to celebrate the day.

5. Project Wholesome is also another option especially if you want to have some “wholesome” desserts. Learn more about Project Wholesome here.

Wholesome Cheesecake from Project Wholesome.

6. Yemashita offers you the best pastillas/yema. You need to try it. Learn more about it here.

The best pastillas/yema from Yemashita.

7. Serious chocolate chip cookie addicts should celebrate National Dessert Day with palm-sized cookies from Cookieheads. Learn more about Cookieheads here.

Palm-sized dark chocolate chip cookies from Cookieheads.

8. Jijo is an airline pilot who bakes yummy banana bread during his days off. Learn more about his banana bread here.

Yummy banana cake from Captain Jijo.

9. How about some ice cream to celebrate National Dessert Day? Geno’s Ice Cream offers unique flavors like gabi. Learn more about Geno’s Ice Cream here.

You need to try the gabi ice cream from Geno’s Ice Cream.

10. How about some pies for dessert? Gabby’s pies are very popular these days. Learn more about them here.

Gabby’s Pies are always freshly baked.

11. For more dessert options, consider Angela Cooks & Bakes. Learn more about Angela’s desserts here.

Layers of ube and leche goodness from Angela Bakes & Cooks.

12. If you’re in the mood for native dessert, then consider Tita Nene’s Suman Latik. Learn more about it here.

Suman latik from Tita Nene’s. Latik galore!

13. Our dessert list would be incomplete without The Bake Project Ph. Learn more about the exquisite desserts from The Bake Project PH here.

Beautiful cakes by The Baked Project PH.

14. To celebrate the National Dessert Day, how about some Betty’s Sansrival? Click here to learn more about Betty’s Sanrival.

Classic sansrival only from Betty’s.

15. More dessert options to celebrate the day. Consider Bake Away Cakes and Treats. Click here to learn more.

Cupcake galore from Bake Away Cakes and Treats

16. You can also try Gia’s sourdough doughnuts. Click here if you’re in the mood for some unique doughnuts.

Gia’s sourdough doughnuts.
Iskrambol is a sweet and comforting street treat.

17. Who says you can’t have some iskrambol for dessert? if you feel like having some to celebrate the day, then go right ahead. Click here to learn more about this yummy street treat.

Have you tried any of the dessert suppliers mentioned above?

You can do more than just share this post. Consider supporting these local food businesses the next time you want to satisfy a craving. 🤗

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