Bread, Bread, And More Bread!

Life would be boring without bread. Just like milk, you gotta have it. If you’re wondering where to find great-tasting bread, then look no further. Take a look at the list below. More suppliers will be added to the list. So, make sure to visit from time to time.



Bake Fresh HK uses the best ingredients. Taste their HK-styled bread. Call 09175849707.

Bread and Brew PH offers a long list of bread varieties. Check out their pretzels and other specialty bread. Call 09173286238.

Bread & Breakfast offers a wide array of bread options for the most important meal of the day. Call 09954957226.

Joebaker Custom Bread has some yummy ube cheese pandesal. Give them a try and call 09189856535.

Happybreadmnl offers favorite Filipino bread such as Corn Kabayan, Ube Kalihim, and Spanish Bread. Call 09175238472 to order.

Little Chinita’s Kitchen offers home-baked premium bread with no preservatives. Makes use of organic milk and egg. Call 09230815715.

Estreras Ensaymada offers classic and assorted ensaymada. To order, call 09175757605. Learn more about Estrera’s Ensaymada here.

Breadmama has some super cheesy ube pandesal. Check out their buns and call 09178911235. Learn more about Breadmama here.


Conscious Collective Manila offers some rye bread and bagels. Check out their bread and call 09176524401.

Buns N’ Choices offers some cheesy beef kalabasa pandesal. Their list of homemade bread is very nutritious. Call 09499959788. Learn more about Buns N’ Choices here.

22Kitchen offers various kinds of freshly baked bread. Call 09171235683.

The Bake Project PH takes pride in its Signature White Load and Bagels. Curious? Call 09772409545. Learn more about their freshly baked bagels and other bread here.

Bread for Every Juan offers bread for everyone. Call 09178052783 to order.

Buenos Dias Panaderia offers bread baked with love. Check out their IG @buenosdiaspanaderia.

Farine Artisan Bakery offers some freshly baked sourdough. Call 09175101836.

Pastry Princess offers the creamiest chicken pie. For inquiries and orders, send a Viber message to 09456191165.

MadeFresh By Bets has some awesome cinnabuns. Give them a try and call 09177925088. Learn more about their cinnabuns here.

Bread and Beyond offers an intriguing kind of bread called Chocolate Cream Cheese Pan de sal. Give it a try and call 09151781832.


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