Angela Cooks & Bakes Offers A Variety Of Dishes And Desserts

Ube Leche Flan from Angela Cooks & Bakes. It’s very affordable at PHP 110 only.

Let’s welcome Angela Cooks & Bakes! 😃😃😃 This is a newbie entrepreneur who has various food products to offer. Needless to say, they look very yummy. Let’s get to know Angela Cooks & Bakes.

It All Started In The Kitchen

Behind Angela Cooks & Bakes is a lovely lady whose passion for culinary is undaunted. Here’s how she was able to expand her hobby into something she can do for a very long time.

“What started as a hobby in cooking and baking went further to satisfying the public cravings. Angela proved that if you have a passion for something, you can make it big. Just believe in yourself.”

Well said, Angela! 👍👍👍 You just gotta believe in yourself to get started.

Ube Graham de Leche from Angela Cooks & Bakes

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