Project Wholesome: Guiltless Desserts With A Cause

6×2 Strawberry Cheesecake from Project Wholesome. Guiltless Cheesecake for only 730 pesos. 🤗

Project Wholesome is a healthy dessert shop. It boasts desserts that are gluten-free and low-carb. It doesn’t end there.

The desserts from Project Wholesome are all made from keto-approved ingredients.

The desserts from Project Wholesome are all made from keto-approved ingredients.

You can indulge in them without feeling guilty😀

The Story Behind Project Wholesome

There’s an interesting story behind Project Wholesome. What started out as a bonding activity for a couple, evolved into a very meaningful business.

“Project Wholesome was founded by two millennials in 2019. It was first named The Wholesome Cake Project and then improved it to make it more remarkable. The first thing we did together as a couple is making a cheesecake. It became a tradition that every once in a while we’ll make a cheesecake together to eat. In other words, we bond over cheesecake. “

Their bonding became very productive. 😊 They were able to reinvent their cheesecake.

“We then decided to share with everyone by creating this small business, but with a twist. We removed the sugar and altered the ingredients to make it guiltfree.”

Happy And Repeat Customers

Project Wholesome wasn’t something the couple expected to last. But thanks to happy customers who spread the word fast, Project Wholesome is becoming one of the leading options for healthy desserts.

“We really weren’t expecting this business to last. We thought we’d only be here for like a month because come on, there are other online shops tas cater to diabetic people and those who are on a diet, that have a lot of desserts and we only have cheesecakes when we started. But because of the repeat orders and positive feedback that everyone else—mostly from people we don’t know—shared, we are still here! We figured a lot of people love our cheesecakes, even those who don’t mind their sugar intake.”

Project Wholesome also offers drip coffee. A perfect match for their healthy cheesecakes. Sagada medium roast 5’s. This pack goes for 135 pesos. Macadamia nut 5’s. This pack goes for 140 pesos.

Project Wholesome is more than just a dessert shop that provides healthy treats. This dessert shop has a very worthy cause. Turn to the next page to find out what it is.

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