Fely’s Biko Tastes Like Home

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Biko is so yummy. Also known as malagkit, this sweet, sticky rice is a local dessert that’s very popular. There isn’t a Filipino out there who doesn’t like biko. It’s not just perfect for dessert. Biko can be eaten at any time of the day.

Biko Ingredients

The two basic ingredients of biko are sticky rice and coconut milk.  It’s worth noting that biko tastes a lot better with freshly squeezed coconut milk. Read Related: Biko: We Tried Making It At Home And Here’s What Happened

There are other ingredients that enhance the taste. These ingredients are usually kept a secret. That’s the reason why some biko taste better than the others.

Get To Know Fely’s Biko

There is one biko that stands out and that is Fely’s Biko. What started out as a family treat eventually became a business for Fely, who just loves to cook.

After perfecting her biko, friends and family would always request her to make it. They just couldn’t get enough of it. For them, Fely’s Biko tastes like home.

Eventually, Fely was inspired to share it with the local market. There’s no doubt that her humble gesture supports and promotes this favorite Filipino delicacy.

How To Make Biko At Home

You can always make some biko at home. Truth be told, this local delicacy is easy to make. You just need to do a lot of mixing but consider that as a great workout. 😀

Here’s how to make biko at home.

First, you need to squeeze out some milk from the coconut meat. Make sure to squeeze the milk out per batches. For example, your first squeeze is your first batch and your second squeeze is your second batch. Once you’re done with your first squeeze, set it aside.

Combine and cook the second, third, and fourth batches of coconut milk on low fire. Add some sugar. Mix until it thickens.

When it’s thick enough, add the sticky rice.

That’s it! That’s how to make biko at home.

You can also make some latik for some biko toppings. ❤️

That’s the purpose of the first batch of freshly squeezed coconut milk. You’re going to be using it to make latik. Take note, that’s the only ingredient that you will be using to make latik. 😃

Latik makes a lot of local delicacies (such as kakanin) taste good. Read Related: The Best Suman Latik Is From Tita Nene’s Delicacies

Of course, making biko at home is just an option. You can always give Fely’s Biko a try. She also offers other types of kakanin.

How To Contact Them

Fely’s Biko ATBP

Cell Phone: 0927-854-5900

Fely’s Biko ATBP offers a list of local delicacies. Aside from biko, you can also try their atchara and laing.

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through EatMyBananas.com. 🥰

You can do more than just share this post. Consider supporting this local food business the next time you want to satisfy a craving. 🤗

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