Cookieheads: Transforming Cookie Addicts One Palm-Sized Cookie At A Time

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Be transformed! Become a Cookiehead! Go ahead and indulge! 🙂

Cookies! Who wouldn’t want a cookie … most especially a chocolate chip cookie? There are a ton of chocolate chip cookies out there but if you’re looking for a palm-sized treat that’s chewy and moist on the inside but crunchy on the outside, then it’s Cookieheads you’re looking for. 😃

Treat yourself to some palm-sized salted dark chocolate chip cookies from Cookieheads. Why? Well, because you deserve it.

Treat yourself to some palm-sized salted dark chocolate chip cookies from Cookieheads. Why? Well, because you deserve it.

Get To Know Cookieheads

You’ve probably heard about Cookieheads already. After all, they’ve already been featured in For a relatively new product in the market, the palm-sized salted dark chocolate chip cookies from Cookieheads are becoming popular pretty fast.

However, these cookies were not created overnight. Did you know that it took a year for Cookieheads to launch their cookies? What started out as a yummy Christmas treat led to a food product that took a year of testing.

According to the cookie head of all Cookieheads, Julian Lazaro:

“It all started as a thoughtful act of gifting homemade cookies to our loved ones for the Holidays. The very first batch of cookies was made in December 2018, by two hot kitchen cooks who also happen to be a couple. Both of us had our own recipe for a classic chocolate chip cookie, so we merged our knowledge and experience as professional cooks to put together THE recipe that we, ourselves, found to be ‘perfect’. “

Despite their culinary expertise and their love for cookies, they took some precious time to develop the perfect recipe that created Cookieheads.

“Cookieheads didn’t launch until December of 2019. It took us a year experimenting with what felt like an infinite amount of dough by testing different kinds and quantities of ingredients; mixing techniques and cooking time & temperature. We finally ended up with one golden recipe that had everything that we were looking for in a cookie – in flavor, texture, and appearance. A cookie that is bold but balanced, sweet and savory, toasted yet chewy. Yes, that was one year before we were able to call ourselves confident to market our product to the public.”

This is the ultimate cookie experience! 👍

They tested and mastered the techniques and measurements that would eventually make Cookieheads unique and a standout among the rest.

While the common chocolate chip cookies are soft … not all of them are chewy. There is a huge difference between a chewy cookie and a soft cookie.

To come up with the perfect cookie, you have to rely on science as well.😀

Julian adds:

“As cooks, we understand how things work based on the science behind food. Cookies may look simple but there is a lot of technicality to it. It’s not just butter mixed with eggs and flour, etc. Our key to quality consistency is by knowing that anything can affect everything and it took us a full year to understand this.”

One thing is for sure, their hard work paid off. 👍  Nowadays, you see a lot of cookie addicts turning into Cookieheads. According to Julian, that’s precisely the reason why they named their cookies Cookieheads.

“Our company name, Cookieheads, refers to a group of people who are ‘addicted’ or simply cannot get enough of our cookies. We like to call our consumers Cookieheads, just like how we would add +head to any possession that one is binging on (ex: sneakerhead).”

Savor The Taste

The palm-sized salted dark chocolate chip cookies of Cookieheads contain the perfect amount of chocolate morsels, providing you a blissful experience in every bite you take.

The slightly salty and nutty taste is very confronting that you will be addicted to them instantly. You gotta try one to see why cookie addicts are transforming into Cookieheads.

The slightly salty and nutty taste is very comforting that you will be addicted to them instantly. You gotta try one to see why cookie addicts are transforming into Cookieheads.

According to Julian;

“Because sometimes, just when people think they have already found “the one”, they’d be surprised by how turning into a Cookiehead is possible (and so quick!) at first bite 😉 A lot of the times, you promise yourself to eat only half a palm-sized treat, but our cookies are literally so addicting that you’ll have a hard time resisting finishing the whole box!”

Cookieheads In The Future

Cookieheads is definitely NOT a one-hit-wonder. They are committed to all the Cookieheads out there and are also looking out to transform more.  😃 🤗

“We hope to have our own baking studio; discover and play with new flavors to keep ALL cookieheads satisfied!”

Julian adds”

“Our bakery is mainly focusing on cookies but we are currently working on new flavors, so stay tuned for those! What flavors do you want to see next?”

If for some strange reasons, you are not able to consume the whole box right away, there are reheating instructions. 🤗

Julian shares the right way to reheat Cookieheads.

“Best way to reheat Cookieheads is by using an oven or even a simple toaster at home, letting it cool down for one minute before consuming—you’ll be surprised by how this can retrieve its original texture. If you’re more into soft cookies, we recommend heating it up in the microwave. Don’t worry, instructions are always included in every box!”

Make sure to follow Cookieheads on all their social media accounts to stay updated. Click here to get to their Facebook page. Click here to get to their Instagram. Once transformed, don’t forget to use the hashtag #cookieheadsph.

You can do more than just share this post. Consider supporting this local food business the next time you want to satisfy a craving. 🤗

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