Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria: A Taste Of Italy In Clark, Pampanga

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Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria is in Clark, Pampanga. Is it worth the trip? Here’s our take on it.🙂 Foodies love Pampanga. it’s a place where you can find just about any kind of food. From their local delicacies to all sorts of cuisines, Pampanga does not disappoint.😀

Pampanga is known for its many restaurants. There’s Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy, Aling Lucing’s, Perfect Loaf, Lomi House, and Toll House; to mention a few.  Of course, there’s the famous Bale Dutung that we will try one of these days.😃 There are also a couple of Korean restaurants that will amaze you. Amazingly, there’s an authentic Italian restaurant and pizzeria along Don Juico Avenue.

Clark is an interesting place … especially at night. 😁 Look out for this signage in case you’re driving down Friendship road.

From Brunei To Clark

Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria is not exactly new. It had already been established in Brunei by Chef Salvatore and his lovely Filipina wife, Lina. They spent a couple of years living there, bringing Italian cuisine closer to the Bruneians.

After 20 years, they decided to make Clark, Pampanga their home. Lina, being a Filipina, welcomed it with open arms. From London, India, Brunei, and finally, to the Philippines, Lina is very happy to be back home.

After 20 years, they decided to make Clark, Pampanga their home. Lina, being a Filipina, welcomed it with open arms. From London, India, Brunei, and finally, to the Philippines, Lina is very happy to be back home.

Chef Salvatore and Lina are happy to be home.

According to Lina, they started out in London. Then went on to India for a two-year stint in the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Then headed on to Brunei where they set up Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria. Finally, they’re home to bring authentic Italian flavors closer to us. 😊

Yes, Chef Salvatore is Italian. He grew up in Sicily but went on to live in London.

Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria Is Bursting With Authentic Italian Flavors

It’s easy to get a dish of pasta and pizza anywhere in Clark. However, it’s not easy to get the real thing. Thanks to Chef Salvatore and Lina, we can now have some authentic Italian food in Clark.

The minute I saw the featured menu (from outside the restaurant) I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Their featured menu for the day was Pumpkin Blue Cheese Soup and that got me super excited.

Super creamy Pumpkin Blue Cheese Soup. This is very filling. 👍

Our other orders were lasagna, Lamb Ragu, and Ceasar’s Salad. I took a chance and asked if they had cannoli on their dessert menu.  They did! That made my day because it’s not that easy to get some cannoli, be it authentic or not. 😀

No thick lasagna noodles in this dish. 😁 Chef Salvatore makes his own pasta noodles.
To say that this dish is flavorful is an understatement. 🥰 A medley of happy flavors explodes in your mouth. This Lamb Ragu dish is hard to forget. Since we couldn’t finish it (as usual. we overordered), we took it home. It still tasted so good the day after. ❤️
Just the right amount of dressing on the Ceasar Salad.
OMG! If you’re missing some authentic cannoli, these will totally satisfy you!

There’s An Open Area

From the outside, you’d think the restaurant is pretty small but it’s not. It has an open area at the back.

There’s enough space for you to enjoy a great meal and a couple of drinks. 👍

More About Chef Salvatore

Chef Salvatore comes from a family of chefs. His mom is also a chef. She put up a restaurant in London. Inspired, Chef Salvatore took the same route. Now, his kids are also following in his footsteps.

The photo says it all. 😃
I saw this hiding in the restaurant. 😁
What more can I say? 😉

They are celebrating their first year anniversary.

Worth Going Back To

So, we went back … not once but twice! Actually more than twice since we did takeouts on other days.

On one of our (many) visits, we ordered the Sorriso Pizza.

One whole Sorriso Pizza
You have to try the Sorriso Pizza. So good! 🥰

The Sorriso Pizza is topped with lots ( and I mean, LOTS!) of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, Parma Ham, flakes of Parmesan cheese, and truffle oil.  ❤️❤️❤️

How To Contact Them

Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria

Cell Phone: 0999-701-6776

Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria brings to you the authentic flavors of Italy. Try it now!

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through 🥰

You can do more than just share this post. Consider supporting this local food business the next time you want to satisfy a craving. 🤗

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