Shakey’s Just Wowed Us!

Shakey’s is a class of its own. Having established their own distinct taste for pizza, Shakey’s has gone beyond being just a pizza place.

It’s always fun to go to Shakey’s. They offer a lot of food choices. The best thing about eating in Shakey’s is that their food is affordable. Their monster deals make a lot of moms, like me, happy. Shakey’s is just about the best place to take the whole family to eat. It’s also a great place to hold parties. Since there’s a branch near my son’s school, it’s one of those places where we don’t mind taking our son and his classmates to. That is the reason why it’s worth having a Shakey’s SuperCard. I’ve had mine for years and I love it.


This is just to share with you our most recent experience with Shakey’s. We were wowed by our food attendant, Alvin Samante. He not only served us with a friendly and efficient demeanor, but he also went out of his way to inform us about our Shakey’s SupreCard. He told us when our SuperCard was expiring. He also told us that we could use the points we have earned to avoid expiration. As a mom, who is always looking for means to save a couple of bucks, I super appreciated his gesture.

Shakey’s not just wowed us with their food, they also wowed us with their service.

Wow service from Alvin Samante. Thank you, Alvin. Keep it up.

Shakey’s fried chicken is one of the best as well. You just have to order it when you’re in Shakey’s. It goes so well their pizza.


It feels good to be wowed by a service. As a customer, you feel important. The service we got from Alvin just strengthens our loyalty to Shakey’s.

Lastly, for moms out there who still don’t have a Shakey’s SuperCard, get one now. It’s worth it.

Have you ever been wowed by a service? Share your experience with us.

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