9 Superb Filipino Chefs Who Make Cooking Seem So Easy

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There is no shortage of Filipino chefs. There are a lot of them these days. There’s even a group of hot, good-looking chefs and there’s no way I’m contesting that. 😀

Suffice to say, there’s also a good number of Filipino chefs who are recognized worldwide and that’s just awesome. 👍

As a mom, who cooks with conviction, I have come up with my list of superb Filipino chefs who make cooking look easy.

9. Chef Luigi

Chef Luigi Muhlach has carved a name for himself. He needs no introduction at all. He’s not just a superb chef but a devoted family man as well. You can see all that in his videos.

When he does showcase his culinary expertise in his videos, he makes it seem so easy. One recipe I enjoy watching him do is his Philadelphia Cheese Wontons. So easy to make and it looks so yummy. 😊

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8. Lechon Diva

There is only one Lechon Diva in the world and that is Dedet dela Fuente. She’s the dynamic lady behind Pepita’s Kitchen. She’s not just a great chef but a super funny person as well.

Her Mamachang is to die for.

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There is never a dull moment with Dedet. Her colorful and playful menu reflects her happy personality. A good example of this is her Grab Gulong Gulong dish. It’s named that way because gugulong ka sa sarap. 😄

Of course, it’s always a delight to watch her carve her famous lechon.

There’s no Lechon Diva recipe to share because Dedet’s dishes are not meant to be recreated by anybody.

The good news is that we can always order. It’s so worth it!

7. The Fat Kid Inside

I’m pleasantly surprised to find a very easy-to-follow recipe from The Fat Kid Inside. I’m not too crazy about fancy recipes because I’m bound to screw it up. Conviction is not enough to ace a fancy recipe. 😄

The Fat Kid Inside shares a very easy recipe on how to smoke a salmon right on the stove. 👍

I just have one question about this recipe and that is where to buy wood chips. Other than that, the smoked salmon recipe of The Fat Kid Inside is so easy to follow.

6. Peachy Adarne

What I learned about Peachy Adarne is that she’s self-taught. She uses her taste to gauge her dishes. Well, she must have good taste. And of course, amazing talent to translate her superb taste into a dish.😀

Her Double Sauce Pinoy Spaghetti recipe is so easy to follow.

Nothing beats the good old Pinoy Spaghetti. It’s a favorite birthday dish and it goes so well with some yema cake.

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Guess what? Peachy’s recipe requires one ingredient that will make you say, “That’s a good idea!” Check out the video to find out what that ingredient is.

5. Chef RV Manabat

Chef RV understands his audience. He is aware that moms like me don’t have the time (sometimes, the skills) to cook and bake. His Easy Chocolate Mousse With Almond Brittle is E-A-S-Y! Related Read: Honey Krrisp: A Locally Made Treat That’s Oh So Yummy!

I never thought it would be that easy to make a brittle. 😀

He also gives affordable options for certain ingredients. Check out his Chocolate Mousse with Almond Brittle recipe. Looks so good and easy. 😀

This is one dessert option you can consider.

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4. Reggie Aspiras

If you check out Chef Reggie’s channel, you’ll find other chefs who are showcasing their recipes. One such chef in Reggie’s Kitchen is Mike Canlas. He showcases his easy-to-make Ginger Infused Gin & Tonic.

I’m not much of a mixed-drink person but his Ginger Infused Gin & Tonic looks so good. Yes, mixing a drink is not, in any way, cooking but sometimes, you just need some alcohol and this one’s worth a try.

3. Chef Laudico

There’s no shortage of kinilaw recipes online but I have to say that Chef Laudico’s version is one worth trying.

Kinilaw is one of my favorite appetizers.

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His kinilaw version can either be creamy or saucy, depending on how you like it. He showcases a very flexible recipe for us to play around with. 😃

Another reason why his kinilaw recipe is so interesting is that it requires Dijon Mustard. Of course, it’s so easy to follow.

2. Chef Vanjo Merano

I must admit; one of the reasons why I enjoy watching Chef Vanjo is because of his calming voice. I enjoy listening to him.

Chef Vanjo has a ton of videos and recipes for us to enjoy. If there’s a recipe you’re looking for, for sure has it. Since I’m a sisig lover, his chicken sisig recipe caught my attention.

Although he adds mayonnaise to his sisig recipe, his version still looks yummy.

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1. Chef Claude Tayag

Who hasn’t heard of Chef Claude? He’s not just a chef but an artist, a writer, and a restaurateur as well. 😀

A blue-blooded kapampangan, he has showcased our local cuisine to the whole world.

His Bale Datung Restaurant is a must-visit in Pampanga. 😄

In the video below, Chef Claude adds a touch of elegance to our favorite adobo dish. At the same time, he makes it look so easy to cook it.

That’s my list of superb Filipino chefs who make cooking seem so easy. Can you add more to the list? Which recipe would you consider trying?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “9 Superb Filipino Chefs Who Make Cooking Seem So Easy

  1. I agree with kb. There are a lot more Filipino chefs out there who are genuinely simplifying cooking for us. They’re not riding on sponsorships and acting like superstars. LOL.But I do agree with most of the chefs you have on your list.

  2. During the late 80s, I had to go abroad to study. It was pretty scary since it was the first time I was going to be living on my own. That meant no household help. My parents wanted me to experience living alone in another country. I remember when I was packing up, my mom came in my room and handed me something that I would hold on for a very long time. It was Nora Daza’s recipe book. That book taught me how to cook and I swear, I couldn’t cook anything to keep me alive. 🙂 For me, if there’s one Filipino chef who really makes it easy, it’s Nora Daza.


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