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Hello to you! Thanks for taking some time to visit us here on Eatmybananas.com.

Here’s a quick question for you. Have you ever run out of ideas to feed your family? We feel ‘ya! 🤗🤗🤗 We are a bunch of moms who are always trying to figure out what to feed our tribe. If you’re a mom, you know pretty well how challenging that is.

This website started as a simple solution to a problem a couple of moms and I were facing during the lockdown. We were looking for food sources that could easily be delivered. MOM MAjoy, who is a fantastic source of information (especially when it comes to food), would send a lot of photos with contact numbers of food delivery services.

The complete mom gang of EatMyBananas. Missing them so much. 🙂

Eventually, my phone ran out of storage. My mom-friends and I were exchanging too many photos of food suppliers. I literally ended up with thousands of photos stored on my low-tech phone. Unfortunately, getting a new mobile phone was not an option.

Truth be told, it’s a lot harder to feed the tribe when they’re home 24/7. You’re going to need all the food suppliers that you can get hold of.

We created EatMyBananas.com so that we could put together all the food suppliers in just one place.

Sending links is a lot better than sending a whole bunch of photos. 😀 While social media is a great help, you would have to scroll endlessly to learn about a product. Putting all the food suppliers on a website sounded more organized.

This website started as a resource for moms. As we went on with it, we realized how important it was to connect food businesses, not just to moms, but to a wider audience. So now, we make sure to feature food businesses to inspire them to go on.

So, if you have an awesome food product to sell, feel free to send us photos and some information about it.  Feel free to share the story of your food business with us. We will be more than happy to post everything here.

If you’re a mom like us, feel free to use this website as a resource for your next hunt for food.


Mommy Snooky

Meet The Team

Mommy Snooky

Mommy Snooky is always trying to find something good to eat for her tribe. It’s a bit challenging since her son’s idea of fine dining is fast food but she’s not giving up. She strongly believes that looking out for quality food need not be expensive.

“There are a lot of home-based businesses that are offering awesome food these days. When I taste something good, I want to share it immediately with friends and family. Hence, this website was created. I’m just very lucky to have amazing mom friends who are great food hunters themselves.”🤗

Mommy Snooky is a multi-skilled customer service trainer and communication specialist. For training, seminars, and hosting gigs, feel free to email her at snooky@eatmybananas.com.

Check out her most recent gigs:

Rolled out her CONFIDENCE module for Centro-Med Enterprises.

Mommy Snooky at Centro-Med Enterprises
Mommy Snooky rolling out her CONFIDENCE in the Workplace module for the employees of Centro-Med Enterprises.

Teambuilding for Promolabels, Inc.

Promolabels Inc. Teambuilding in Balay Higugma
With Promolabels, Inc. President, Lot Manalo-Tan and Promolabels, Inc General Manager, Joyce Carpiso.
Promolabels, Inc Team in Balay Higugma
The awesome Promolabels, Inc team. It was a memorable gathering of amazing people who have so much gratitude in their hearts.

Hosted UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society’s TsaMBBahan2023 

UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society's TsamBAHAN 2023
It was a fun evening hosting the comeback of UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society’s TsaMBBahan2023. I had a great time co-hosting it with the gorgeous Jelena Basilio from Monster RX93.1. From left to right: Aaliyah Fule, Kaye Cabahug, Nicole Antonio (the gorgeous and super smart ladies of UPMBBS), yours truly, and Jelena Basilio (Monster RX93.1).


MOM MAjoy is a food enthusiast and is always on the lookout for the best. She has been a great source of food information for her friends and family. She knows good food and travels the world to taste the best.

“My family and I love to travel. A huge part of our travels is spent on tasting the unique flavors of the country we’re in. It’s just too bad that we can’t travel at the moment. But that doesn’t dampen our spirits since we can order almost anything online. When I see something good online, I go for it.”

Her food recommendations are spot-on. When it comes to good food, leave it to MOM MAjoy to tell you all about it. She’s definitely a rockstar food enthusiast. Click here to read all her food reviews. 🤩  

Chef-Mom Lea

Chef-Mom Lea is our in-house chef. A graduate of the Center for Asian Culinary Studies, she shares with us her expertise in meal planning.

“I have always been hands-on with my family. The thing I love doing most is cooking for them. Nothing beats the joy of seeing my kids happy with the food they eat. “

Deciding what to prepare for the family is not easy. It’s hard to come up with a daily menu that the whole family will love. Chef-Mom Lea can help us out with that.

Chef-Mom Lea not only comes up with sumptuous meals. When she’s not in the kitchen whipping up yummy meals, she is creating heavenly scents. Chef-Mom Lea is the owner of L’arôma Home Fragrance. She knows good food and scents. 😊

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