What We Do

Wouldn’t you want to save some time? 😃 Even if you can just save 5 minutes a day, it’ll amount to a big thing. So, if you’re looking for food options, spare yourself the trouble of searching.

Use EatMyBananas.com as your resource for various food options. It’ll save you so much time. At the same, you can help inspire local food businesses to go on.

EatMyBananas.com is not just a website for moms who are always on the hunt for food. It’s also a platform for local food businesses to showcase their products. As a business owner, it sometimes becomes a burden to answer all inquiries from both current and possible customers.

You want to answer each and every inquiry that comes your way but you also have to attend to your orders. Of course, you can always tell your customers to check out your profile on your social media accounts but they would have to scroll down a page to learn about you.

You can showcase all your products on an entire page here on EatMyBananas.com. This way, your customers can just click on a link to learn about you. You won’t have to answer each and every inquiry that comes your way. You can concentrate on your orders.

You can just send your link to your customers which will only take a second. Better yet, you can always display the link of your page on all your social media profiles. People can just click on it to learn more about you. They wouldn’t have to scroll down a page just to see your products.

While you still don’t have a website, make use of the opportunity of being featured on EatMyBananans.com. Send us a message here or email us at snooky@eatmybananas.com.