Lovely Laing Is Laden With Luscious Flavors

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Laing is so lovely. The taste is wonderfully unique. It’s a pretty healthy dish as well. 👍
Let’s get right into it. 😀

What Is Laing?

Laing is a lovely dish from the Bicol Region. It’s made out of taro (gabi) leaves.

Yes, this dish just shows how versatile gabi is.

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Gabi leaves are soaked and cooked in coconut milk. There are other ingredients that go into it but the laing wouldn’t be laing if it weren’t for the gabi leaves in coconut milk. 

Gabi leaves are soaked and cooked in coconut milk. There are other ingredients that go into it but the laing wouldn’t be laing if it weren’t for the gabi leaves in coconut milk.

Laing soaked in coconut milk and topped with red chilies.
Laing can be cooked in various ways. If you like it soaked in coconut milk, go right ahead and do it.
Laing with pieces of pork.
You can also opt for a dried version of laing. Either way, it’s good.

Our Lovely Laing Recipe

I want to share with your our lovely laing recipe. Nothing too special about it except for the tender loving care we put into it. ❤️

Check out our ingredients below:

Gabi leaves
Gabi leaves for a lovely laing.
Freshly squeezed coconut milk.
Make sure to use freshly squeezed coconut milk. Separate the milk from the first squeeze. Do the same thing with the second squeeze.
Gabi fruits and stalks.
Stalks from the gabi leaves and the gabi vegetable.
Pieces of dried labahita
Daing na labahita (dried salted fish) Fry it ahead of time and cut it into pieces. Make sure to take out the bones of the fish as well. This will serve as the topping for your laing.
Sliced onions, garlic, and ginger with some green chilies on a green plate.
These are basic ingredients for most Filipino dishes.
Pork slices on an orange plate.
This is an optional ingredient. If you want to include it, make sure to wash it first.

How To Cook Laing Our Way

Now for the good part. Here’s how to cook laing our way.

Boil the gabi leaves, slices of fruit, and stems together. While that’s happening, saute the pork, ginger, onion, and garlic. Wait until the pork is cooked.

Once it’s cooked, add in the second squeeze of the coconut milk.

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Once the gabi leaves, slices of gabi vegetables, and stems have come to a boil, combine them with the pork. Then add in the second batch of freshly squeezed coconut milk. Then simmer.

Transfer to a serving dish and top it with some fried daing na labahita.

Experience the luscious flavors of lovely laing. 😃

Laing with pieces of pork.
This is the first batch of laing. You can always add in more coconut milk if you like.

Bonus: Lovely Laing Goes So Well With Pork Binagoonan

Laing can be eaten alone or with rice (as always!) 😀

This lovely dish also goes so well with another tasty dish called pork binagoonan.

Binagoonan in a serving dish.
Laing goes so well with binagoonan. We just had to cook some as well.

Some laing recipes call for bagoong. As you can see, we did not include bagoong in our list of laing ingredients.

Instead, we chose to make it into a second dish that can be paired with laing. So, here’s our pork bagoong recipe. 😀

Check out the ingredients below:

Slices of tomato, garlic, and onions for sauteing
Can’t do without any of these ingredients to come up with a super tasty dish.
Pork on a green plate
One of the main ingredients of our dish.
Bagoong on a plate
Bagoong is one of our local condiments. It’s made out of shrimp paste or fermented fish. It’s oh so good.

Pork bagoong is a pretty easy dish. Once you have gathered all the ingredients, saute the pork with onions, tomatoes, and garlic.

Add in the bagoong and cook. Feel free to add some vinegar to balance the saltiness of the dish. Then transfer to a serving dish to pair it up with the lovely laing. 😃

Laing and pork bagoong make a perfect combination.

How do you cook and eat your laing? Feel free to share some of your tips and tricks with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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