KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine

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KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine is a private dining experience you won’t forget.

What Is Private Dining?

Private dining refers to a type of dining experience where a group of people dines together in a private room or area. 😊

Sometimes the venue is separate from the main dining area of a restaurant.

This is to provide some privacy for the diners.

In some cases, such as with KASAA, private dining is offered in a beautiful home. 👍

An ancestral home is transformed into a beautiful venue for a wonderful gastronomic experience. ❤️

Even if some private dining experiences are offered in homes, they are pretty much equipped with all the amenities and services of a full-service restaurant, including a dedicated server and custom menu options.

Private dining is often used for special occasions, business meetings, or other events where the guests would like to enjoy a meal in a more exclusive and intimate setting.

The cost of a private dining experience can vary, depending on factors such as the size of the group, the location of the restaurant, and the level of service desired.

In most cases, it’s worth it. 👍 Such as in the case of KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine. 👍👍👍

Get To Know KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine

If you’re wondering where you could experience some private dining in Metro Manila, wonder no more.

KASAA Causal Filipino Cuisine is the place to go.

This wonderful venue, which is privately owned, is tucked away in a converted ancestral home and designed to cater to the needs of food enthusiasts.

This wonderful venue, which is privately owned, is tucked away in a converted ancestral home and designed to cater to the needs of food enthusiasts.

It serves contemporary Filipino dishes that you will love.

KASAA aims to deliver the warmth and love of the people behind it.

KASAA not only sounds like the Spanish word, “casa” which means house, but the way the brand is spelled also represents three important people who are behind it.

There are three As in the brand KASAA. One of them represents the mother of the family, Alicia.

She has helped create some of the sumptuous recipes.

The other A represents Andrew, who is KASAA’s in-house chef.

He is the tireless person behind the whole concept and dishes of KASAA.

The third A represents the patriarch of the family, Albert.

He is the architect who designed and built the beautiful house and backyard.

You‘re going to love it. It’s as if you’re not in Manila.

The greenspaces provide a relaxing ambiance to enjoy KASAA’s delectable dishes.

KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine Menu

The nice part about private dining is that there is an interaction between the chef and the customers.

So before we were served the appetizers, Andrea, the pretty fiancé of Chef Andrew gave us a sneak background of what we were going to have.

Lumpiang Tortang Talong
Lumpiang Tortang Talong
Kamote Croquettes
Kamote Croquettes (Personal favorite 👍)
Longganisa Birria Taco
Longganisa Birria Taco
Laksa Ceviche
Laksa Ceviche. You’ll experience an orgasmic burst of flavors won’t forget with this appetizer. It’s a cold refreshing soup you will surely love.

Ready for some main courses?

Salmon Fillet with Aligue Sauce
Salmon Fillet with Aligue Sauce
Prawn Laing
Prawn Laing
Tokwa't Sisig
Tokwa’t Sisig
KASAA Callos
KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine
This is the best turon! Not too sweet and it does not stick on your teeth. It’s crispy perfect!

How To Contact Them

KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine


KASAA Casual Filipino Cuisine provides a unique dining experience in a wonderful setting. This one’s worth a try. 👍

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through EatMyBananas.com. 🥰

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