The Manor Hotel Baguio: A Spectacular Place To Stay

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We finally drove up to Baguio. Yippeee! It was a fun drive and we chose to stay in the Manor Hotel. We made the right choice because the Manor Hotel Baguio is a spectacular place to stay.

Have you been to Baguio lately? If yes, then good for you. If no, then you’re in a for a huge surprise.

Baguio has undergone so many changes. To start with, it gets pretty traffic up there. If you are thinking of going to the city, everybody is going to warn you about the heavy traffic. Sounds familiar, right? Unfortunately, it’s true. There’s heavy traffic in certain places in Baguio.

Stay In Camp John Hay To Avoid The Traffic

One of the reasons why we finally decided to drive up to Baguio is to get away from the harshness of Manila. The traffic, the pollution, and the heat were just too unbearable that we decided to pack up and drive up to Baguio.

I must say that it was a good decision because we were immediately welcomed by the cool breeze of Baguio. That is something you can’t get in Manila, unless you have the aircon on.

Soon as we got to Baguio, we went straight to the hotel that was highly recommended to us. The Manor Hotel Baguio is one hotel that we all looked forward to seeing since most of our friends recommended it.

According to the Manor Hotel Baguio is a grand and magnificent place to stay in. After a brief stay there, I totally agree.
Another good reason to stay in the Manor Hotel Baguio is that you’re located in Camp John Hay. That means, you are away from the crowd and the heavy traffic.

Experience Luxury

We were prepared to splurge a little on our accommodation. After all, we had saved up for it. So when we chose the one-bedroom suite with a garden view and we loved it so much.

Dining area with a kitchenette
A spacious dresser and closet area right outside the bathroom in the bedroom. Yes, there is another bathroom outside the bedroom.
There’s enough room for everybody. It’s worth mentioning that there is no AC in our suite and that didn’t matter to us at all.
The huge living room that leads to the terrace with an awesome garden view.

We didn’t even want to leave our suite. It felt good to just hang around the suite and watch tv. One thing worth mentioning is that their internet signal is pretty strong. This made my son very happy since he could play all the games on his gadget.

Suddenly, The Clouds Came

Our one-bedroom suite has a terrace that overlooks to the garden. Needless to say, the view is spectacular day and night.

For one brief moment, it was a clear night.
A serene and quiet night.
A clear night from every angle.

The exciting thing about the night view from the terrace is experiencing the clouds that would suddenly come. In a split of a second, we were engulfed in clouds. That was one unforgettable experience.

I didn’t notice the clouds coming in until I looked at this photo.
Suddenly, it’s a clear night no more.
Suddenly, the clouds came in. It’s not fog since it came and went pretty fast.

Of course, the daytime view is just as spectacular.


The Manor Hotel Baguio is definitely a spectacular place to stay in. Don’t worry about the price because it’s pretty affordable. In our case, we did without the breakfast buffet. Since there are a lot of restaurants in the Camp John Hay area, we ate out instead.

There’s a vast array of great places to eat within Camp John Hay. There’s Sumo San, Pancake House, Starbucks, and Army Navy to say a few. To my son’s delight, he noticed a Potato Corner and enjoyed a huge serving of fries.
You can enjoy the grandeur, the opulence, and the magnificent view of the Manor Hotel Baguio without having to worry about spending too much. Truth to be told, it’s worth it.

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  1. I love the Manor Hotel. It’s as if you’re in Europe. One thing you failed to mention is their service. They have great customer service that makes me want to come back all the time.


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