Food PH MNL: Delivering More Than Just Food

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It’s easy to complain about life nowadays. With everything that’s going on … let’s blame someone else but ourselves! But if we really look inside ourselves, we might be able to find solutions that can help ease the situation. 😃

Now, those solutions may not bring about world peace right away but hey …they might bring about inner peace. The point is, it feels good to get up and do something that matters … instead of complaining. That’s exactly what the hunks from Food PH MNL are doing.

The Hunks From Food PH MNL

Sydney is the hunk of them all. He started Food PH MNL with the commitment to help chefs who lost their jobs. NICE! There have been many write-ups about Food PH MNL already. You can read the most recent article about them here. Needless to say, they’re pretty popular these days.

The first two chefs Syndey took in were JR and Mike.

Hunk #2 is JR. He used to work for a known Japanese restaurant that had to lay off its employees.

Take a look at JR’s array of sumptuous Japanese dishes.

JR’s Gyoza
JR’s Enoki Dakki Bacon
JR’s Pork Tonkatsu

Then there’s also Chef Mike who used to work in a very popular and expensive steakhouse. 😃

Hunk #2 is Mike from a very popular and expensive steak house in Manila.

Chef Mike’s Chicken Jambalaya is very popular nowadays.

Sydney has been able to get more chefs to join him. We just don’t have the details at the moment.

The dish below is one of their very popular dishes, baby back ribs.  😍

Ribs from Food PH MNL. Cooked by a chef from a well-known restaurant in Manila.

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    1. Thanks for visiting. it’s interesting how they created a network of chefs. It just goes to show that collaborating is a lot better than competing.


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