Chef Ida’s Bolanday Cooking For Kids

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Bolanday Cooking for Kids is an inspiring initiative of Chef Ida. It aims to feed and teach kids in need.

This inspiring initiative just shows how big-hearted Chef Ida is.❤️

Bolanday Cooking For Kids

The mission of Bolanday Cooking for Kids is to:

“Get Manila’s kids off the streets, into the classrooms, helping them shape a life with prospects and dignity.”

Chef Ida tirelessly and continuously tries to fulfill this mission, come hell or high water.

Right after Typhoon Ulysses, she was out in Tondo feeding the kids. There’s just no stopping her.

Chef Ida doesn’t just cook for the kids. She makes sure that each kid is well taken care of. In her heart, she believes that all kids are equal. ❤️❤️❤️

Suffice to say, Bolanday Cooking for Kids is deeply committed to enhancing the lives of street kids.

Suffice to say, Bolanday Cooking for Kids is deeply committed to enhancing the lives of street kids.

The Six Pillars Of Bolanday Cooking For Kids

Below are the six pillars of Bolanday Cooking for kids:

  • Food n’ Books
  • Educational Assistance Program
  • Woman and Girl Power (This is geared towards moms so that they can provide a clean and healthy home for their kids.)
  • GO Green (Geared towards the environment)
  • Together We Feed (Bolanday’s response to the pandemic.)
  • Cooking For Kids with Kids (In the pipeline 😊 This is a vocational program that aims to provide culinary skills training to out-of-school youth and mothers.)

You can choose which particular pillar or program you want to support. Chef Ida welcomes any kind of support. For food donations, you can click here for ideas. 😊

Why We Love Chef Ida

There are a couple of reasons why Chef Ida has endeared herself to us here on EatMyBananas. First of all, we share a common background. We all spent a good part of our lives working for an airline.

Chef Ida flew for Cathay Pacific. I flew for our flag carrier. Chef-Mom Lea flew for another local carrier and MOM MAjoy for a carrier in the Middle East. There’s just no doubt that Chef Ida has leveled up our airline background. 😊

Seriously, Chef Ida is in a league of her own. When everyone else is staying home, trying to make it safe for the whole family; she is out, making sure the street kids are cared for.

You can read more about Chef Ida here.

How To Contact Chef Ida

Bolanday Cooking For Kids

Cell Phone: 0916-258-4683
Email Address:

Let’s help Chef Ida fulfill a dream of a better world for all. There are so many ways to help.

It’s hard to come up with a word that best describes her but one thing is for sure, the word inspiring is not enough.

Let’s support Chef Ida. ❤️ Share this so that more people can get to know her.

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