Café Here Pampanga: Definitely Worth A Visit!

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Cafe Hére is a restaurant and cafe located in Clark, Pampanga. It is known for its cozy and homey ambiance, as well as its delicious comfort food and refreshing drinks.

Cafe here all-day breakfast
Enjoy all-day breakfast food at Cafe Here.

Café Here Pampanga Is A Huge Venue

The first impression I got when I went inside Café Here Pampanga was it was HUGE! 😊

I am not exaggerating at all. Aside from the high ceilings, the venue is spacious enough to fit a ton of people.

It’s impossible not to get a seat here. 👍

Cafe Here interior
Since I was there at 7 in the morning, I thought there was no way the place could ever get filled up but I was wrong.
Cafe Here interior
There’s so much space in Café Here.
So, I was wrong. People started coming in.
Then people started to come in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They just kept coming until the place got pretty full. But there were still enough seats to accommodate them.

Despite the fact that it’s spacious inside, Café Here also has more than enough seats outside. At night, they even have a band that plays live music.

I just was not able to see that since I was there at seven in the morning for breakfast. 😊

Since I was there pretty early, my initial thought was, how could this humongous café get filled up?

They even have a second floor, which is as spacious as the first floor.

I thought there was no way it could ever get filled up with people. Then at around ten in the morning, I was proven wrong.

I thought there was no way it could ever get filled up with people. Then at around ten in the morning, I was proven wrong.

People started coming in. Families, probably from out of town, all looked pretty excited to hang out and try the food. 😊

I was there at seven in the morning and even got a free bagel.

I was there at seven in the morning and even got a free bagel.❤️

FREE bagel at Cafe Here
I was so happy with my free bagel.

Yes! A free bagel. I was told that it was from Korea and it actually tasted pretty good. It went pretty well with my cappuccino, which was pretty good as well.

Speaking of free stuff, you can enjoy unlimited cucumber lemon water.

Unlimited cucumber lemon water
Perfect for the hot summer day!

Since the venue is humongous, you won’t get bothered by the influx of people coming in. There’s enough space for everyone.

You won’t have to worry about giving up your seat for someone.

Speaking of the food, well, it was not bad at all.

Pasta dishes at Cafe Here
Pasta dishes are available at Café Here.
Cafe Here's Charlie Chan Pasta
I had the Charlie Chan pasta and it was pretty good.
Cafe Here Pizza
They have pizzas as well.
Cafe Here Pizza
More pizza choices!
Cafe Here Club Sandwich
If you’re not up for a pizza or pasta, then why not go for their club sandwich.?
All day breakfast
More options for your all-day breakfast treat.
All-day breakfast dishes
Yummy breakfast dishes you’ll love.
All-day breakfast dishes
Yes, they also have tocino for breakfast.
Salad bar
You can also check out their salad dishes.

Check out their other goodies on display.

More cookies! Café Here’s chocolate crinkles are worth a try.
chocolate crinkles
We just had to take home some of their chocolate crinkles.
Sausage roll
The sausage roll isn’t exactly a pastry but it’s also one of their food options on display.
Yes, they also have ensaymadas!
Care for a croissant?
Pork Floss
They have pork floss as well.
Danish Pastry
Their Danish pastry is pretty good as well.
More options to pair with your coffee.
More options for the sweet tooth.

It’s Also Called Café Brunch Bakery

Café Here is located inside Clark, Pampanga. It’s almost right across Royce Hotel.

The reason why we discovered it was because we had some late-night snacks at Royce Hotel. The thing with Clark is that there are hardly any places to eat late at night.

So, we ended up at Royce Hotel. It turned out that was actually a good thing because when we were being brought to the casino restaurant in a golf cart, we saw the well-lit sign that said Café Brunch Bakery.

Cafe Brunch Bakery
Their signage is well-lit at night. You can see it from a far.

Thanks to the well-lit sign, we remembered it enough to try it the next time we were in Clark. And we did and we had no regrets at all.

The Best Café In Clark, Pampanga

I can easily say that it’s the best café in Clark, Pampanga. That’s probably the reason why the famous coffee company nearby is not getting as many walk-ins as Café Here.

Sad to say, the famous coffee company nearby is a far cry from Café Here.

Imagine getting a FREE bagel for breakfast. I would have had to buy that in the nearby coffee shop.

Also, customer service is pretty good. Everybody is so friendly.

Just like most coffee shops, it’s self-service. But since there are a lot of people that come in, expect the lines to be long.

Nonetheless, it’s so worth it to visit this place.

I highly recommend you drop by Café Here to get a taste of their food and drinks but most especially, experience the unique ambiance it has to offer.

Have you tried Café Here in Pampanga? If yes, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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