Focaccia From Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria Is So Yummy

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Focaccia is a flat, savory bread. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any kind of pasta.

If you want to know where to get some yummy focaccia, then drop by at Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria in Clark. Pampanga.

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Why Is It Called Focaccia?

The origins of focaccia can be traced to the Ancient Greeks and Etruscans.

The word focaccia comes from the Latin word focus, which means “hearth bread.”

The word focaccia comes from the Latin word focus, which means “hearth bread.”

In ancient times, this flat bread was baked over an open fire, either on a hearth or over an open flame.

Its ingredients were simple: flour, water, and olive oil.

The bread was often topped with herbs, coarse salt, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, onions, or sliced meats and cheese.

The indentations in the dough give it a distinctive pockmarked appearance that prevents it from rising in size when baked.

It is a common base for panini sandwiches.

The focaccia was primarily a poor man’s food, but it has now become widely available and has made its way into other parts of the world.

What was once a simple flatbread, has become an extraordinary food.

You can enjoy focaccia bread with anything from cheese to a little extra olive oil.

It’s an Italian classic that has stayed popular for centuries.

How Is Focaccia Different From Bread?

The difference between focaccia and bread is the way the dough is made.

Focaccia dough is much wetter than bread dough, so it must be sticky, not thin like batter.

The dough needs to rise for about two hours before being baked.

Once baked, it should be topped with olive oil, which should be generously sprinkled over the top before serving.

In ancient times, focaccia was referred to as “hearth bread,” since it was baked on coal.

The Romans spread continental European cuisine throughout the empire, including Spain.

Most focaccia is at least three-quarters of an inch thick and served at room temperature, although it can also be toasted.

What Is Focaccia Traditionally Eaten With?

Focaccia is a flatbread that pairs well with soup or stew.

The delicious crusty exterior of focaccia complements soups.

It also adds another flavor to a pasta dish. Focaccia also goes so well with salads.

Focaccia can also be eaten alone. It’s a yummy, filling snack.

It also goes so well with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.

Sprinkle it with some grated Parmesan cheese and you’re good to go. 😀

Focaccia Toppings

Toppings for focaccia are nearly endless. Basic toppings are sun-dried tomatoes and olives.

Sun dried tomato focaccia
Yummy focaccia topped with sun-dried tomatoes. Available at Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria: A Taste Of Italy In Clark, Pampanga
Focaccia topped with black olives
Yummy focaccia topped with olives. Also available at Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria: A Taste Of Italy In Clark, Pampanga.

For a savory and exotic touch, opt for the traditional pesto topping. While pesto works wonderfully on pasta, it is also delicious on focaccia.

Another topping that works well with focaccia is garlic, which gives it a classic Italian flavor.

A touch of olive oil drizzled on top will make it tastier and add an extra dimension to the bread. The final step is to cut the focaccia into squares.

Toppings for focaccia are endless. You can add fresh herbs, garlic, or rosemary to make your own pizza-like delight.

How do you eat your focaccia? Do you make it yourself or do you buy it? Feel free to share some of your thoughts with us.

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