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Meals are never complete without desserts. No matter how good the meal is, it’s just not complete without something sweet at the end. If you’re looking for some yummy desserts, take a look at the list below. We will be updating the list regularly to give you more options. In case you want your products listed, let us know. We would love to feature your products here.


Mom’s by Margarita offers a lot of options for dessert. Call 09175555909. Learn more about Mom’s By Margarita here.

Yemashita is soft like Pastillas and creamy like yema. This is worth a try. Call 09175209707. Learn more about this yummy Yemashita here.

Tita Nene’s Delicacies offers the best suman latik. Call 09175332036. Learn more about Tita Nena’s Delicacies here.

Fely’s Biko atbp. will satisfy your cravings for kakanin. Call 09173064944. Learn more about Fely’s Biko here.

Cookies by Isabel are freshly baked cookies delivered right to your doorstep. Give them a try and call 09173117995.

Mixes by Mama offer a vast variety of desserts like monster brownies, taisan, and polvoron; to mention a few. Try some of her mixes. Call 09176727157.

Hearts and Bells have lovely caramel and chocolate cakes. See if they taste as good as they look. Call 09175379388 /82420599.

RL Kitchennete takes pride in its creamy leche flan. Call 09177850920.

Paztries & Breads by Lorena offer a variety of yummy desserts like cream puffs and eclairs. Order now. Call 09274903670.

Sugars & Sparkles will make you smile with their yummy cookies, cakes, and brownies. Call 09452177615.

Mango TripleC by Trixie’s Sweets and Savouries will make your sweet tooth tingle. A great dessert for mango lovers. Try it now. Call 09955181479.

Jorelle’s Leche Flan is silky, smooth, and creamy. Call 09175810808. Learn more about Jorelle’s Sweets here.

The Beehive Pastries have awesome desserts like Kitkat Cake, Queso de Bola Cheesecake, Revel Bars, and Chewy Chocolate Chip; to mention a few. Try their goodies. Call 09228111036.

Sweetify brings to you Red Velvet filled with cream cheese. Give it a try and call 09456630203. Click here to learn more about Sweetify.

Marisa’s Cakes and Pastries Shop offers yummy silvanas, sansrival, and classic chocolate cake. Check out their goodies and call 09175304248.

Pops Apple Pie offers a classic American dessert. Call 09178114431 and give their apple pie a try.

Poppy Patisserie takes pride in their cream puffs with vanilla cream filling. Find and call 09989529608.

Dos Hermanitas offers mini cheesecakes. Definitely worth a try. Call 09278662976.

Sucre Ph offers the ultimate 5-layered chocolate cake. You get layers of premium chocolate goodness with a crunchy praline layer. It’s like eating a giant Ferrero cake. Try it now. Call 09178990499.

Toffee’s Online Market and Ang Tindahan ni Aling Mercy offer black kutsinta with yema. Call 09387970708.

Cheesy Donuts are worth a try. Send a Viber message to this number 09177679183.

Pastries by Katya offers lemon squares made from freshly squeezed lemons. Call 09175352892.

Food for Keeps offers classic chocolate cookies and giant Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are now accepting orders. Visit their Facebook page to taste their yummy, one-of-a-kind cookies. You can also send a message to their Viber number, 09089601624. Go to bit.ly/foodforkeeps to order.

The Pastry Shop Dagupan offers yummy goodies such as cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. Call 09171878885.


Flour Sisters bakes and offers some of their family’s favorite pastries. Call 09178668515 / 09178831588 to order.

Le Reussi features lovely looking cakes that are no doubt, mouthwatering. Call 09277721188. You can also order online lereussi.beepit.com.

MESSerts offers yumminess in a mess. Try out their goodies now. Call 09186252515.

Ice Cake Co. offers ice cream cakes that are worth a try. The perfect dessert for the hot weather. Call 09158830055 to order.

Bake Away Cakes and Treats offer some yummy classic banana walnut loaf and turtle pie, to mention a few. Call 09175516331.

Streusels Bakeshop Cafe & Restaurant has some Creamy Basque Burnt Cheesecake Cups, Meaty Toasted Siopao Buns, and Cinnamon Rolls. Although this restaurant is in Davao, you might want to keep in mind. For inquiries call 09173001434.

Sugar Momma’s Homemade Treats offers some yummy cheesecakes. Call 09273078826.

Cafe Petite has some yummy cinnamon and rolls and chocolate cakes, to mention a few. Try some of their goodies. Call 09063978546.

Gabby’s Famous Pies are worth a try. Call 09176341994 to order. Get to know more about Gabby’s Famous Pies here.

Yum MNL spreads yumminess with their leche flan, cassava de leche, and black kutsinta. Call 09352501062. Learn more about Yum MNL here.

Cinnabombs offers some awesome cinnamon rolls and other dessert treats. Call 09173262607.

Baked by Mon offers some Portuguese Egg Tarts. Call 09167800035.

The Baked Project PH offers some ooey-gooey chocolate chips, scrumptious customized cakes, and other yummy desserts. Call 0977-240-9545 to order their freshly-baked goodies. Learn more about The Bake Project PH here.

Merashian Home Cooking takes pride in its Coffee Crusted Ube Bun. call 09178558280

Jijo’s Banana Bread is so yummy. Try it now. Call 09272598652. Click here to learn more about it.

Golden Oven might just be the perfect source for the yummiest cheese roll. Call 09209584670. Learn more about Golden Oven here.

Mimi’s Kitchen PH offers an array of home-baked goodies. Call 09560989706.

Pasay – Desserts and Bites offer an array of goodies. Call 09151884420. Learn more about Pasay – Desserts And Bites here.

Misha’s Cravings offers some milky cheese roll and ube cheese rolls. Call 09178651988.

Riverside Kitchen offers fully loaded cinnamon rolls. Call 09451163960.

Mad.Flour is a dessert shop where you can order some yummy goodies. Call 09088742488.

In The Mood for Baking offers an array of dessert goodies. Their Gatas ng Kalabaw Pudding is worth a try. Call 09175790409.

Homebaked by Ling offers an array of goodies. Call 09667226593.

Workshop_ph offers an unusual cheesecake that looks tempting. Call 09177077459.


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