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Vegan Paella from Jazzycooks

Setting up a business takes guts. Leaving a successful corporate job to set up a business takes a lot of guts.

One person who has a lot of guts is Jasmine Morales. She set up Jazzycooks to pursue her passion for food. Take a look at her inspiring story.😃

From Instagram To A Full-Blown Business

Jasmine started out by posting photos of her home-cooked dishes on her Instagram page. From time to time, she would also post photos of food from her many travels.

Her passion for food was undaunted despite her hectic life in the corporate world.

Jasmine has a solid background in culinary. She took up Culinary & Hospitality Management in Australia but somehow ended up in the corporate world. She joined a financial institution and stayed there for a decade.

Here’s Jasmine telling her story:

“When I reached my 10th year in Oct 2019, I had this feeling of wanting to do more but something different. I instantly thought of pursuing my passion for food but I was hesitant as I was not confident in putting up my own business and letting go of my position with a fixed monthly paycheck.”

Jasmine of Jazzycooks

She adds:

“I was however ready to push myself out of my comfort zone and take a risk because I would never know when life will be taken away from me so I’d rather do it now than not be able to do it at all. I did some research and started with packed healthy meal deliveries while I was still working and most of my clients were also my officemates. This built my confidence as it brushed up not just my cooking skills but also budget/finance management and digital marketing!”

Jasmine finally takes the leap.

“Fast forward to Feb 2020, amidst the pandemic, I took the courage to talk to my boss and submitted my resignation and said my farewell in April. It was such a bold move but I did it anyway; what’s there to lose?” 

Guts, Grit, And Inspiration

Jasmine finally pursued her passion and set up Jazzycooks. Despite the trying times, she went for it.

“It’s been close to 3 months that I’ve been doing this full time but I am always motivated especially when I get great feedback from clients! It’s what keeps me going basically. These are all home-cooked and it’s a one-woman show so I put all my heart to each and every dish from prepping ingredients to packaging and deliveries and I’m so glad that my clients can see this :)”

Clean And Delectable Eats

With the tagline, Clean and Delectable Eats, Jazzycooks offers restaurant-like food made with prime/clean ingredients.

What exactly does Jazzycook serve?

“So what food does Jazzycooks serve? Well, these are either inspired from my travels or recipes that have been passed down to me by my family.”

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