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Vegan Paella from Jazzycooks

Setting up a business takes guts. Leaving a successful corporate job to set up a business takes a lot of guts.😳


One person who has a lot of guts is Jasmine Morales. She set up Jazzycooks to pursue her passion for food. Take a look at her inspiring story.

From Instagram To A Full-Blown Business

Jasmine started out by posting photos of her home-cooked dishes on her Instagram page. From time to time, she would also post photos of food from her many travels.

Her passion for food was undaunted despite her hectic life in the corporate world.


Jasmine has a solid background in culinary. She took up Culinary & Hospitality Management in Australia but somehow ended up in the corporate world. She joined a financial institution and stayed there for a decade.

Here’s Jasmine telling her story:

“When I reached my 10th year in Oct 2019, I had this feeling of wanting to do more but something different. I instantly thought of pursuing my passion for food but I was hesitant as I was not confident in putting up my own business and letting go of my position with a fixed monthly paycheck.”

Jasmine of Jazzycooks

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