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Are you on the lookout for some meats and sausages? if you are, then feel free to use the list below. The list will be updated regularly so that you will have a lot of options to consider. If you would like to add a supplier to our list, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.


Vito’s Barbeque is considered to be the ultimate chicken barbeque. Find out for yourself and call 09998802000. Learn more about Vito’s Barbeque here.

Vito’s Barbeque is highly recommended.

Authentic Lucban Longganisa is so garlicky and good. Try it to believe it. You can send a message at 09171181184.

RL Kitchennette takes pride in its pork tenderloin salpicao. Call 09177850920 and find out for yourself.

Balay Dako Ready-to-Cook Favorites can be delivered to your home. No need to drive to Tagaytay to get a taste of Antonio’s great dishes. Call 09196367114. You can even join their Viber group.

NYOM is not your ordinary meat. No preservatives, no msg, and no extenders. Call 09985607488.


Picadeli chunkiest, tastiest chicken longanisa is now available. Try it now. Call 09178572256.

Mama Babe’s Gourmet offers premium wagyu chuck steak. Call or send a message to 09171831962. Click here to learn more about Mama Babe’s Gourmet.

Aling Choleng Food Products offer a variety of meat products like sausages, bacon, and tapa; to mention a few. Call 09175360214 to order.

Bad Boy’s Lechon takes pride in his free-range and naturally fed pigs. Feel free to call 09989368600.

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