L’Aroma Home Scents Decor: You Will Want To Stay Home For Good!

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Nowadays when we are mostly confined to our homes, we need to make sure we get the most comfortable and relaxing feels to enjoy staying in the whole day. Most of us decluttered and rearranged our homes to suit the new normal Work from Home (WFH) schedules and online school sessions for our children.

Aside from a clean and organized home, a pleasant-smelling ambiance is the best way to feel relaxed and in the mood for whatever activity you need to accomplish during the day. The rooms where we spend so much time need to be always re-invigorated with touches of decors and fragrances to give us the atmosphere for work, play, rest, and sleep.

There are different ways to fill your homes with fragrances nowadays. L’Aroma products are carefully crafted to suit everyone’s pleasure of having the right aroma to suit your preferences.

There are different ways to fill your homes with fragrances nowadays. L’Aroma products are carefully crafted to suit everyone’s pleasure of having the right aroma to suit your preferences.

You are going to want to stay home all day with L’Aroma Home Scents Decor. ❤️❤️❤️

Linen and Room Sprays

There are linen and room sprays to get that instant fragrance you wish for the moment. Only (two) 2 to three (3) sprays in the air will be enough to make a room fragrant and instantly reduces or eliminates any foul odor. This is best used for quickly obtaining a pleasant-smelling area and instantaneously sense the aroma that puts you in the mood.

Cabinets may also be sprayed regularly to ward off the odor from wooden cabinets that are seldom opened. You may spray a cotton ball until soaked with your preferred scent and put them at the corners for that long-lasting fresh scent.

Reed Diffusers

Using the reed diffusers on the other hand is a natural way of keeping the fragrance in your room without the need for electricity plug-ins. It is eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and is an added value to decorate the corner of your house, a desk, your kitchen nook, living room, and bedside tables.

The reeds/rattan sticks are soaked in the fragrance oil of your choice and may be necessary to flip over to get that continuous pleasurable smell that evaporates into the air.

L’Aroma Home Scents Decor not only smells good but look good as well. Definitely great for decorative purposes. ❤️❤️❤️

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Soy Candles

Scented soy candles are safe and it burns on a longer period of time than paraffin or beeswax candles. These are perfect to create that romantic and cozy feels with your loved ones. It adds to the warmth of occasions spent with family and friends who are dear to us.

A soy candle can also be lit in the kitchen to be used as a deodorizer for the different food aromatics while you cook, bake, stir fry, and roast. And most of all, this is best when lit when alone after a long day of work and getting thru traffic and the hustles of the day.

Light a scented candle inside your bathrooms as you take in those long showers and soak in the tub. Use the scented candle in the bedroom while reading your favorite book or simply engaging in long talks with your spouse/partner. Use the scented soy candles in your altar while praying and have those intimate talks with God in a peaceful and sentimental set-up.

End the day right with L’Aroma Home Scents. Decor. Sets the perfect mood.❤️❤️❤️

Different Scents  To Suit Your Vibes

L’Aroma offers various scents to suit anyone’s preference. Whether you prefer strong, minty or mild, they have an array of scents perfect to suit your mood. I personally love L’Aroma’s Citronelle, Citrus Basil and Olive fragrances as I prefer cool and strong scents to instantly perk my senses then put me into a calm and restful mood after.

Blossom is a milder sweet-smelling variant that can be placed in the living room, our children’s study and play area as it has an invigorating smell that is a combination of floral and fruity smell. It is refreshingly good. Warm Vanilla and Anise Vanilla, on the other hand, are sweet, cozy, and soothing aromas perfect for the dining tables on those long nights of dining, bonding, and talking with family and dear friends.

L’Aroma also offers its Eucalyptus and Peppermint scents for that spa-like fragrance which are cool, minty, and relaxing. And finally, she introduced a new mild and gentle but long-lasting talcum scent, which has a fresh and light smell that makes you think a baby has just been inside the room.

Special Gift Sets

L’Aroma linen and room sprays, reed diffusers, and soy candles are definitely worth purchasing; whether for yourself or as a gift to your family, office colleagues, and friends. Let your homes and offices be filled with fragrances that give us good vibes and help us reduce stress, relax, and soothe our minds and bodies.

When purchasing as a gift, you may request for a special packaging wherein each item is carefully covered with delicate wrapping paper, sealed with L’Aroma stickers, and are rested on a bed of shredded colored papers, inside a brown gift box with L’Aroma logo. Then a ribbon is beautifully tied to the box with a perfect bow on top and finished off with neatly tucked eucalyptus and statice plants. The special packaging is so beautifully made with love from its owner.

The best way to spread love ❤️❤️❤️

Experience the great L’Aroma moment…from the time you see the beautiful packaging, you will instantly get attracted and awed at its sight. As you open the box, you can tell that these are special by looking at how carefully the products are individually wrapped. And then, at last, you unwrap each item and use them to fill the room with fragrance you will enjoy.

Environmentally-friendly packaging from L’Aroma Home Scents ❤️❤️❤️

Purchase the different kinds of scents and use them appropriately for the kind of activity or mood that you want to stimulate at the moment and make every second be a pleasant smelling and wonderful time.

How To Contact Them

L’Aroma Home Scents

Cell Phone:0920-982-7660

L’Aroma Home Scents will make you want to stay home happily ever after. Transform your home into an oasis of paradise with L’Aroma Home Scents.

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through EatMyBananas.com. 🥰

You may visit the L’Aroma IG page at laroma_phils or visit its FB page Laroma Phils for more details on the different sizes and price ranges of their home scents. Follow the sites for year-round specials and limited-edition scents.

This Yuletide Season, as we celebrate Christmas in the “new normal” way, I am very happy to give my family, friends, and colleagues L’Aroma home scents and share with them the wonderful vibes of this season and to remind them of how special they mean to me.

“Spread Love, give L’Aroma…”

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