Astoria Palawan Menu: Here’s Our Take On Their Breakfast Buffet

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Astoria Palawan here I come! 😊 Yes, that was me some two weeks ago.

After waiting for a couple of months, I was finally off to Astoria, Palawan … excited and all. 😁

For starters, it was my first time staying in Palawan for a couple of days.

When I used to fly there as a flight attendant, there was never a chance to go beyond the airport.

So, you can imagine how excited I was. 🤗

There was another reason for me to be the reason.

I was going to meet some people I have been working with remotely.

It was going to be my first time meeting them and I was very excited.

Astoria Palawan Menu For Their Breakfast Buffet

Since our website is all about food, let’s first talk about the breakfast buffet of Astoria, Palawan.

The breakfast buffet is usually one of the first things I’m curious about when I stay in a hotel.

Not that I wake up early all the time for it, but it just always makes me wonder what they serve.

Let’s face it, it’s always nice to start the day right with some yummy food. 😃

Since my trip was more of a company activity, I was only able to enjoy the buffet toward the end of my stay.

Simply because I was not able to get up that early for the buffet.

There were a couple of inspirational training and seminars planned out for us every morning.

We had to be in the dome (kinda like a function room) at 9 AM sharp. (kinda sharp 😊)

Nonetheless, there was no reason for me to regret missing the breakfast buffet since we were served some yummy snacks during the training.

So, that’s one good reason for you to hold some corporate events in Astoria, Palawan. 

So, that’s one good reason for you to hold some corporate events in Astoria, Palawan.

The training and seminars planned out for us were all worth it.

We got to meet amazing people who shared their inspirational stories with us.

Guess what? 😲 We were lucky enough to have the Eruption to host our three-day event.

Eruption kept the energy up. His story was pretty inspiring as well. He and his lovely wife are an awesome team. 👍 👍 👍

So, if you’re looking for a great host for your corporate event, I highly recommend Eruption.

Eruption/Eric Tai
Not a single moment of boredom with Eruption in the house. A great host and an awesome guy. Super, super down-to-earth.

When I finally got the chance to enjoy the buffet, I was not disappointed at all. I thought it wasn’t bad at all. As a matter of fact, it was pretty good.

Check out the photos below.

slices of cheese
Astoria Palawan menu for breakfast buffet starts out with some cheese.
Cream cheese
More cheese! I was told that they make their own cheese.
The breakfast buffet includes some crunchy salad.
A variety of salad dressings
You get a whole lot of choices for your salad dressing.
Stir-fired vegetables
More vegetables
Their pancit was not bad at all.
Gotta have some sausages for breakfast.
Corned beef
What’s breakfast without corned beef, right?
They have some ham as well.
Pancakes and waffles
Of course, they have a pancake and waffle station as well.
Pandan=flavored pancakes and waffles
These pancakes and waffles are pandan-flavored. They’re pretty good.
Arroz Caldo corner
Arroz Caldo corner
Astoria Palawan's soft buns
These soft buns are the best. You can even order some to bring back to Manila.
I was not able to taste these ensaymadas but rumor has it that they were pretty good as well.
More bread buns
More bread!
Danish bread
I am not exactly sure if these are Danish bread but don’t they look cute?
These croissants aren’t bad at all. I would rank them second to the croissants of Ijo Bakery Viennoiserie.

How To Get To Astoria Palawan

From the airport, it takes a couple of hours to get to Astoria, Palawan.

Out of Manila, I flew Cebu Pacific. It was a smooth flight until we attempted to land for the first time.

Yes, there was a second time since we did a misapproach on the first attempt to land in Palawan.

Despite my years of flying, I was terrified. 😨

It was pretty cloudy in Palawan at that time. As a matter of fact, it rained the entire time we were there.

However, that did not dampen our Palawan event.

The group of people I was with was just too amazing.

They made the event so worth it, rain or shine.

Back to my flight out of Manila. 😊

Thanks to our highly skilled flight deck of Cebu Pacific (5J 635, Nov. 17), we were able to land safely.

However, we were delayed about two hours since the amazing pilots of 5J decided to hold over Palawan after the first attempt to land.

Speaking of the first attempt to land, it was totally unforgettable.😨

Needless to say, it was my first time experiencing something like it despite my years of flying.

Here’s what happened on the first attempt to land.

The landing gears were already down and we were all set to touchdown.

We started to descend. So, I expected to touchdown but we didn’t. 😨

What happened next was something else.

Instead of touching down, the aircraft did an immediate climb.

There was a sudden pull-up of the aircraft and I felt it … really felt it.

As a matter of fact, everybody in the aircraft felt it. 😨😨😨

The misapproach was obviously caused by rainy weather.

Fortunately, the skilled pilots of 5J decided to hold over Palawan.

According to my husband, who is also a pilot, the flight deck did the right thing.

He also told me that it was something not worth worrying about since all pilots are trained for the kind of situation. 🤔

Easy for him to say … he wasn’t on the flight. 😊

Nonetheless, I commend the flight deck crew of 5J for landing the plane safely. 👍👍👍

As I mentioned previously, it took about 2 hours to get to Astoria, Palawan.

I was fetched by the hotel van, driven by a great guy named Dexter.

Despite the fact that he told me I had to wait for another four hours to get to the hotel, I was not pissed at all.

He brought me to an arcade right in front of the airport.

There, I waited until his next set of guests arrived.

I recommend you drop by this arcade. You can get some nice pearls, enjoy some Korean food, and have some coffee.

Korean grocery and restaurant
This is the Korean grocery and restaurant in front of the airport.
Kimchi ramen
This kimchi ramen was pretty good but most of all, very affordable.
Coffee shop in front of Palawan airport
After having some ramen, you can have some coffee here.

It’s a good waiting place with a clean bathroom. 👍

After about 4 hours, I was on my way to the hotel. The trip to the hotel was another two hours but it was worth it. 😊

What To Do In Astoria Palawan

I finally met my teammates and they were awesome. 😊

The funny part was that none of us were even too shy. 😁

We all clicked instantly. 😉

It was immediately a gathering of crazy people. 🤣

Welcome drink from Astoria Palawan
Super refreshing welcome drink … Mango Jelly
The famous Astoria bibingka
Astoria is known for its bibingka. You get free servings upon arrival. It goes so well with their welcome drink. These are really good. Just like the soft buns, you can order some to bring back to Manila.

We didn’t have a shortage of things to do in Astoria Palawan since we were there for a summit.

Thanks to our good-looking and super generous bosses, we were treated to a four-day, all-expenses paid stay in Astoria Palawan.

Thanks to our internal team, we had a well-planned action-packed stay. 😊

So, aside from our very inspiring training and seminars, we had some fun games, crazy karaoke nights, and memorable bonding moments.

Now, if you’re not going to Astoria Palawan for a summit, there are still a lot of things for you to do.

For starters, you can visit their Water Park. We did so as well and it was so much fun.

Palawan Waterpark By ASTORIA
You get free entrance to the Waterpark.

You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery the resort hotel has to offer.

Astoria Palawan
In case you don’t want to go to the beach, you can just enjoy the poolside.
Astoria Palawan
This is what you get to see on the beach and I think it’s cute.
Astoria Palawan
This was the sunniest day for us despite the clouds.
Astoria Palawan
Nice to walk along the beach.
Astoria Palawan
The beachside of Astoria Palawan.

Take a look at the lifesize Christmas decorations in Astoria Palawan.

Christmas at Astoria Palawan
Santas everywhere!
Christmas decorations in Astoria Palawan
More Santas!

Remember the crazy guys I told you about in the beginning … well, here are some of them.

Kajae team in Palawan Waterpark By ASTORIA
Here are some of my crazy, lovable teammates
Kajae team in Palawan
More crazy but super talented teammates.

Love … love … love these guys! ❤️❤️❤️

If you’re wondering how you can be part of this crazy team, message me here.

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