Jazzycooks’ Corner: Labskaus Recipe

Here’s a recipe from Jazzycooks. It’s a German dish called Labskaus. Thank you Jazzycooks for sharing this yummy recipe.


Labskaus is a simple German dish that I grew up with as my dad used to make this. It’s one of the staple food at home.

If you can find canned corned beef, potatoes, eggs, butter, and onions in your cupboard, then you’re all set!

You just need the following ingredients:

Your fave canned corned beef

About 100g butter

1 yellow sliced onion


2 potatoes (boiled and mashed)

Salt and pepper to taste

Pickles/gherkins or beetroot (all optional)

1 fried egg per person

125ml milk

See directions on the next page.

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