Vikings Buffet: Is it Worth It?

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Vikings buffet offers a huge selection of cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Filipino, and Chinese; to mention a few. You are going to get confused as to what to eat. But the question is, is it worth it?

Meat corner
Meat lovers have a wide variety of options at Vikings.

Vikings Buffet: Is it Worth It?

Yes, Vikings buffet is worth it!  😀 You can easily satisfy all your food cravings in just one restaurant. You’re going to enjoy eating here. That’s for sure.👍

Their food selection includes an extensive array of international cuisines and a variety of local favorites. It also features an extensive beverage list, which includes beer.

This is a great restaurant to visit with the family.

All food cravings will be satisfied to the maximum. For example, the Italian corner offers a variety of pasta dishes and pizza. Yes, you can even make your own pizza.

Make your own pizza in the Italian corner of Vikings buffet restaurant.
You can whip up your own pizza with the toppings that you love.
Assorted pizzas
Of course, you can always opt for their ready-made pizzas.

The pasta section of the buffet is fresh and prepared on-site. The kitchen uses a high-quality pasta maker to make a wide range of pasta dishes and sauces. You can even customize your own pasta by choosing different sauces and toppings.

Pasta dishes galore.
A variety of pasta dishes complete the Italian corner of the Vikings buffet.

The Japanese corner at Vikings is a great way to experience this particular cuisine. You can eat tempura, salmon and tuna sashimi, and various Japanese rolls to your heart’s delight.

A selection of Japanese rolls.
Dig in and enjoy a variety of Japanse rolls.

If you are a salmon sashimi lover, the Vikings buffet is so worth it. Imagine eating all the salmon sashimi without having to worry about paying per order.

You can enjoy salmon sashimi to your heart’s delight. Since it’s a crowd favorite and it’s always the first to go, you can always ask the friendly staff to replenish it and they will do so happily.

Unlimited salmon sashimi
Salmon sashimi is always a crowd favorite.

One thing is for sure; Vikings has a large selection of Japanese cuisine and is sure to be the place to go for an enjoyable Japanese cuisine experience.

Unlimited tempura
You get a variety of tempura options.

If you’re a fan of Asian food, you’ll also love the Vikings’ selection of Chinese and Filipino dishes. Their dim sum selection is going to make you salivate. 😍

Dim Sum galore
Dim Sum lovers have a variety of options as well.

For their Filipino cuisine, you can have the staff prepare some popular local dishes.

Filipino corner
Chicharon bulaklak is so hard to resist.
A huge variety of meats and fish in the Filipino corner.
Local ingredients for Filipino dishes.
Those peanuts taste really good.
Salad corner
The salad bar offers a variety of fresh veggies and tasty dressings.
Prepared salads
You can always opt for their ready-made salad.
Cheese corner
Enjoy a variety of cheeses and canapes.

Of course, Vikings buffet also has a dessert corner that offers a huge and yummy selection of sweets.

Halo halo station
You can make your own halo halo. Their ube is very good.
Doughnuts galore
Kids will love the dessert corner that’s filled with candies.
A huge variety of cakes for dessert.
Must-try doughnuts.

There are special promotions at Vikings Buffet Philippines that offer more affordable rates on weekdays. The buffet is also a great place to celebrate birthdays because the restaurant features a 4+1 birthday promo. Plus, you’ll get a free drink as part of your meal.

There are various Vikings buffet branches. We ended up in SM Megamall. The restaurant here is spacious and clean. The staff is very friendly. You can make a reservation or simply walk in and wait for the number on the screen.

Vikings at SM Megamall has several dining areas that are designed to be both stylish and welcoming. With bright and bold colors, the place is both kid and adult-friendly. The space is large enough to accommodate over 500 guests and is organized very nicely. The food layout is very good as well.

There is also a Vikings buffet restaurant at SM North EDSA. The restaurant also has a spacious dining area, and its interior is simply beautiful.

There is also a Vikings buffet restaurant in SM Marikina. The restaurant there is designed to be casual and stylish. This particular restaurant features live cooking stations and a wide variety of dishes.

Consider going to these branches to try out the Vikings buffet.

Is Vikings Free For Birthday?

Yes, Vikings is free for birthdays! Bring someone who is celebrating his or her birthday to Vikings to get a free buffet. The waiters will be sure to sing happy birthday to you as you enter.

Guess what? You get a cute-sized birthday cake that you can even take home.

Does Vikings Accept Walk In?

Yes, Viking accepts walk-ins. Of course, you can always call to make reservations to ensure you have seats right away.

If you are not able to do that, you can just walk in. The pretty ladies at the entrance will ensure you get seats.

Just a quick reminder, make sure to come early. For example, if you want to have lunch, go there at around 11 to avoid falling in line.

Is There Alcohol In Vikings?

Yes, there is alcohol in Vikings but of course, this has to be consumed responsibly. Since there is alcohol in Vikings, you can rest assured that beer is unlimited in this particular buffet restaurant.

Given all that, Vikings buffet is super worth it. Have you eaten in Vikings buffet restaurant? If yes, feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.
We would love to hear from you.

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