Eureka Snacks: The Best Gourmet Popcorn In Town

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Eureka Snacks offers a variety of gourmet popcorn flavours. Its signature sea salt flavor has been popular among consumers. The brand also offers other flavors like chocolate, sweet tomato, and caramel.

Eureka Popcorn From Where?

Eureka Snacks PH
You have the option to buy a bag or a can of gourmet popcorn from Eureka Snacks. I recommend the bag.

This gourmet popcorn brand is based in Malaysia and is considered one of the best popcorn brands in the country. The brand is also available in Singapore. 😃

It’s Now In The Philippines

These days, you don’t have to go to Malaysia or Singapore to enjoy some Eureka snacks. 😉
The good news is that you can get them now here in Manila!
Yes, you read right! 👀
Eureka snacks are now available here in Manila. 👍👍👍
Thanks to four good-looking brothers who chose to bring in Eureka snacks here in Manila. 🤩
So, how did I discover this yummy gourmet popcorn?
Well, I was just walking around in a bazaar in Alabang and a young, good-looking kid approached me and asked if I wanted to taste their gourmet popcorn.
Of course, I said yes!
It’s always good to support a young entrepreneur.
But it turned out it was not just one entrepreneur.
They were four entrepreneurs …. To be exact, they were four brothers! 👍

The good-looking brothers of Eureka Snacks PH
How can yoiu say no to these good-looking brothers! Their popcorn is definitely worth a try!

They look like your typical K-pop boy band. 🤩
So, they had me taste their gourmet popcorn.
As matter of fact, they were offering a free taste test and that’s why there were a lot of people in their stall.
I couldn’t say no to the offer and I was glad I gave it a try! 😄
Eureka Snacks Gourmet Popcorn is not your typical popcorn!
It’s so tasty! ❤️❤️❤️
I just had to get my own bag of Eureka Gourmet Popcorn.
A free taste test was not just enough for me.
I had to get my own bag of sour cream & onion gourmet popcorn to bring home to my son.

Check Out Eureka Popcorn Flavours

Eureka Snacks Gourmet Popcorn offers a long list of yummy flavours.  👀 Check out their flavours below: 👇
Cocoa Malt
Real Durian (This one’s intriguing!) 😄
Salted Egg
Sour Cream & Onion (my personal favorite) ❤️
Spicy Cuttlefish (This is also good) 👍👍👍

Eureka Popcorn Price

Eureka popcorn price is not that cheap but it’s worth it. 👍

You get quality for the price you pay for.

I opted to get the bag, which was a tad bit more expensive than the can.

But I have to say that the bags are filled up with popcorn and not air!

So, I would recommend you buy a bag instead of a can.

The popcorn packs of the Eureka brand are preservative free and contain no trans fat, preservatives, or additives.

These snacks are made from non-GMO corn and are packed in unique packaging.

With its distinctive taste and innovative packaging, the Eureka Snacks Gourmet Popcorn is more addictive than ordinary popcorn.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional popcorn, you should definitely give Eureka Snacks Gourmet Popcorn a try.

Not only is it tasty, but it’s also very addictive. 😉

This is because of the fact that Eureka Snacks Gourmet Popcorn is fuller in shape. So, it coats your mouth more evenly than the average popcorn.

Best of all, each popcorn is popped so well that there isn’t a hard part in it. 😉

Have you tasted Eureka Snacks Gourmet Popcorn?

If yes, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

How To Contact Them

MyEureka Snack PH

Facebook: myEurekaSnackPhilippines

Eureka Snacks Gourmet Popcorn is exactly the way gourmet popcorn should be! Grab a bag now!

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through 🥰

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