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Bayside Buffet Philippines is located at SM MOA. It is the country’s latest food and beverage destination.


Bayside Buffet Philippines

Bayside Buffet is located in Manila, Philippines. It’s on the ground floor of the Lime Hotel, one of the newest hotels in town. I can’t wait until it opens formally because it’s going to have a beachside bar. 😀

Bayside Buffet Philippines serves a variety of international dishes and unlimited beer. With so many dishes to choose from, you’re sure to find something for the whole family.

I had only heard of the Bayside Buffet recently. So, while driving around the Manila area, I decided to check it out and I am so glad I did.

Bayside Buffet Menu

I really didn’t have any plans to eat buffet but after checking out their menu, I went for it. Bayside Buffet boasts a wide array of dishes. Soon as I saw their Japanese corner, I went right for it.

They had a lot of colorful sushi rolls but I was looking for my favorite, salmon sashimi. There weren’t any on display. You have to ask for it and so I did. 👍

It turned out the food attendant who was in charge of giving out the salmon sashimi was very accommodating. I went back so many times to ask for refills and he did not mind at all. I have been to some buffets where the food attendant would give the look just for asking for refills.

Bayside Buffet's Japanese Corner
These guys will give you all the salmon sashimi that you can handle;e. They are very accommodating. Despite the many people going up to them, they’re very accommodating.

But I never got any kind of look in Bayside Buffet. The food attendant, in charge of the salmon, sashimi generously fed me to my heart’s delight. He was so friendly. His mood never changed despite the fact I went back to him so many times.

Pieces of salmon sashimi with lettuce on the side on a white plate
Don’t forget to ask for some salmon sashimi and yes, they also have tuna sashimi.

As a matter of fact, the other food attendants in the Japanese corner were very nice. They answered all my questions and gave me all the salmon sashimi I could devour.

Check out what they have to offer below;

Bayside Buffet Japanese Corner
Delicious display of Japanese rolls. Don’t forget to ask for some salmon sashimi from the friendly food attendants.
Duck and Lechon on dsisplay
Unlimited duck and lechon … Enjoy!
Main course options
You get a variety of options for your main course.
Pizza on display from Bayside Buffet
Care for some pizza?
Variety of meats from Bayside Buffet
You get a variety of meats as well.
Bayside Buffet Dessert Corner
There are plenty of candies for the kiddies.
Bayside Buffet Canapes
Love the smoked salmon amd dill canapes

Bayside Buffet Promo

The Bayside Buffet promo is pretty reasonable. It’s 50% off the regular price of PHP 1,798.
What that means is that you only pay PHP 898 from Monday to Thursday. If you’re there on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you pay PHP 999.

Considering the variety of their menu, those prices are well worth it.

Here’s the thing. Those rates are not forever since it’s just a soft opening. In due time, the regular price will be imposed. So, if you haven’t tried Bayside Buffet, it’s time you do so,

Bayside Buffet Customer Service

Aside from the yummy food, Bayside Buffet can take pride in its customer service. I can pretty much say that this is a very happy place.

Everybody is accommodating. I actually went there at 5 P.M. when they were just preparing the place. I was curious about it so I asked if I could look around. Without hesitation, they allowed me to look around and check on the variety of dishes that would be available for the buffet.

One of the food attendants, Darwin, patiently took me around and showed me the various dishes that were being prepared. The chef in the Italian corner was also very accommodating.

Then I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the entire crew was very friendly. Maureen, who was assigned at the entrance was so calm dealing with people who were not able to make reservations.

The friendly service crew of Bayside Buffet
Super friendly and accommodating service crew. From left to right: Darwin, Jomar, Jason, Rika, and Maureen.

When we were finally seated, we had the opportunity to meet most of the service crew who were not just friendly but very helpful as well.

Bayside Buffet Reservation

It’s critical to make reservations. If you don’t make any, expect to wait. We did but it was all worth the wait.

I am not exaggerating but the people come in droves. If you don’t reserve seats, you’re going to end up waiting. The number of reserved seats can go up to 40.

So, it’s going to be pretty hard to get some seats even if you’re only two people who decided to do a walk-in.

To make a Bayside Buffet reservation, call Jomar at 09152131608. Make your reservations to experience Bayside Buffet.

Enjoy good food, a happy atmosphere, and great customer service.

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