The Carrot Cake From Wayn’s Kitchen Is A Must-Try!

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Underneath that cream cheese topping is an awesome cake. If you’re craving carrot cake, then consider the one from Wayn’s Kitchen.

Carrot cake. Why make a cake out of carrots? Veggies are veggies and cakes are cakes. I’ve always thought there was a clear line between them. Apparently, I was wrong. The history of carrot cake goes way back to Medieval times.

During those times, carrots were used as sweeteners. That explains why we have carrot cake these days.

During those times, carrots were used as sweeteners. That explains why we have carrot cake these days.

I can only imagine how carroty those cakes tasted. One thing is for sure; our carrot cakes these days taste a lot better.😀

Nonetheless, I was still not too crazy about carrot cakes. That was until my step-son had me taste the carrot cake from Wayn’s Kitchen.

Super Moist Carrot Cake

It pays to have an open-mind to try things out. Although I wasn’t too crazy about trying out a carrot cake, I said to myself, “Why not? ”

Super thick cream cheese topping 😋 The cake is super moist. The cinnamon and the carrot blend very well.

It’s a good thing I tried the carrot cake.😃 I did not like it at all because I loved it! It was love at first bite!🥰 Never mind the raisins … I was able to separate them from the cake. I enjoyed the walnuts and I must say that there was a lot of it. Although there were a lot of raisins as well, I survived them. 😀 Obviously, I’m not a fan of raisins. However, I was able to look beyond the raisins because the cake was really good.

The Person Behind Wayn’s Kitchen

Angelo Lopez is the person behind Wayn’s Kitchen. A graduate of the Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy, he took up both Fundamental Culinary Arts and Modern Cuisines.

He claims that he isn’t a baker.

“I only got into baking during the pandemic mainly because I needed something to help me get through the pandemic and help me stay productive. I had a couple of of recipes passed down from my mom because she used to be a baker and a cook too and her recipes were always a hit with friends and relatives.”

There’s no need for Angelo to specialize in baking since it’s in the blood.

There’s a touching story about why it’s called Wayn’s Kitchen.

A perfect gift. 🤗

No wonder his carrot cake tastes good. It’s his tribute to his mom. ❤️

“The reason it’s named Wayn’s Kitchen is a tribute to my mom. Her nickname was Wawayn or Wayn and she passed away a couple of years back. I plan to add more products in the future which will also be from her recipes 😊”

Angelo’s treats are something to look forward to. BTW, Angelo’s carrot cake didn’t dry up at all. It was still moist after a couple of days. 😀 Masarap pa rin!

To order, you’d have to do it in advance. The reason for that is because the cakes are coming from Lipa. However, I do suggest that you place an order to try it.

How To Contact Them

Wayn’s Kitchen

Cell Phone: 0906-418-1441

Wayn’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of baked goods. Their Carrot Cake and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies are worth a try.

Please make sure to let them know you learned about them through 🥰

Click here to check out Wayn’s Kitchen on Instagram.

You can do more than just share this post. Consider supporting this local food business the next time you want to satisfy a craving. 🤗

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