What Is The Famous Hopia Brand In The Philippines?

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You’ll get a lot of answers to the question, what is the famous hopia brand in the Philippines? The good thing is that I have my own answer.

Baker's Fair Hopia
Boxful of delicious hopia from Baker’s Fair.

What Is The Famous Hopia Brand In The Philippines?

So, what is the famous hopia brand in the Philippines?

Well, for me it’s Baker’s Fair!

Now, this may not be a common answer since there are a lot of more well-known hopia brands out there.

And yes, I have tasted most of the hopia brands out there because I just love hopia.

It’s my all-time favorite. I would rather have hopia than cake.

I am a serious serial hopia lover. 😍

That’s why I decided to try the ones from Baker’s Fair.

I was intrigued by Baker’s Fair. Each time I would pass by, there would always be a long line of people.

Baker’s Fair is a small store in Greenhills VMall.

It’s pretty inconspicuous. I really wouldn’t have noticed it if there weren’t a lot of people in it.

So, I decided to check it out and see for myself what it had to offer. I was amazed at all the varieties of bread they had on display.

But what is more amazing is that their hopia is prepared right there and then.

It’s quite entertaining to watch the friendly crew of Baker’s Fair prepare their hopia.

They make it look so easy.

They have two kinds of hopia. You can opt for the round hopia or the dice hopia. I love them both. 👍

They come in ube and mongo flavors. Again, I love both flavors.

For me, the hopia from Baker’s Fair is just like the kind of hopia I used to enjoy when I was a kid. It does not taste commercialized. Plus, the filling is quite generous.

And the smell of it when they serve it to you hot is amazing! 😊

What Are The Different Types Of Hopia?

Hopia is a popular Chinese pastry that was introduced to the Filipinos by Fukienese immigrants.

Known for its sweet and flaky crust, it eventually became a local favorite.

There are various types of hopia, each distinguished by its filling.

The most common ones are ube (purple yam) and mongo (mung bean).

Other fillings are sweet pork and buko pandan (young coconut with pandan flavor).

Some common brands may have unique hopia fillings such as chocolate and custard.

These various fillings add diverse flavors to this beloved pastry in Filipino cuisine.

Whether sweet or savory, hopia offers a delightful range of options for those with a sweet tooth.

Is Hopia A Mooncake?

No, hopia is not a mooncake. While both are pastries, they’re not the same.

Hopia boasts a sweet and flaky crust, often filled with ube (purple yam), mung bean, sweet pork, or coconut.

Mooncakes, on the other hand, are traditional Chinese pastries enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Hence, they’re usually not available all year round. Well, the really good ones aren’t.

Mooncakes have a distinctive round shape and a rich, dense filling usually made from lotus seed paste or red bean paste.

So, hopia and mooncakes differ in terms of their ingredients, and overall taste profiles.

Now, if you want to taste some good, quality hopia, then head on down to Baker’s Fair in Greenhills VMall.

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