Terms Of Service

I really appreciate your visit here on my website. I hope I’m bringing a smile on your face each time you’re on my website.

It’s also great that you are taking some time to read this page, which states the Terms of Service of my website. This page is very important since it informs you of the guidelines of my website.

As a visitor, you should be aware of the guidelines of all the websites you visit. Each and every website has their own set of guidelines and it’s best that you’re aware of them.

The guidelines stated in my Terms of Service are pretty simple but you should still be in the know.

Refrain From Sending Messages That Are Offensive.

This website should NEVER be used to relay any kind of offensive messages. I am not going to tolerate inquiries, comments, or emails that reflect any kind hatred, discrimination, or personal vendetta.

Should you want to send me a mesage, make sure it puts a smile on my face as well.

Click The X Button To Exit

Yes, you can just click the X button to exit, if you are not entertained by my posts. I am aware of the fact that I can’t please everyone. So if you are one of those folks who aren’t, in any way, entertained by my website, just click the X button to exit.

Changes In The Terms Of Service Are Only Posted Here

This page is bound to be updated in the near future. From time to time, the Terms of Service will be modified. You will not be sent any emails. The only way for you to be in the know is by reading this page.

It’s not enough that you read this page once because you will miss out on the updates. Hence, take a few minutes to scan this page for changes each time you visit my website.

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