What To Do When The Big One Comes


This is not to scare you. It’s reality although it isn’t the kind of news you want to hear. The sad truth is that in the past seven days, there have been four earthquakes. These weren’t low magnitude quakes. These were pretty strong ones. The strongest of which was the 5.8 magnitude that rocked in the area of South Cotabato.


As a mom, this kind of news is quite scary. The thoughts that go through my mind are unimaginable. When that moment comes, you just pray that you and your family are together. You can always prepare. In a way, it’s really good that the schools have their regular earthquake drills. At home, you could have a ready earthquake safety kit. You could make one or simply purchase one that’s complete. Of course, prayer is the best thing to do. After all, nothing beats prayers; right?

This video can help you become familiar with the things you need to do in case the big one comes around. It’s a funny video but it makes sense. Besides, preparing for an earthquake is depressing enough as it is.


Are you prepared for the big one?


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